About me

I am a 56 (but nearly 57 !!) housewife and mother of two children Matthew who is 33 and marride to karen, they have our grandson Nathan who is nearly one. And Natalie who is 28 and her partner Ian and they have my granddaughter Grace who is four months old . My husband is Kevin and we have been married nearly 36 yrs, he is a retired   fire officer in London.
I am just into my third year of blogging and I really love the computer. I am also totally in love with craft but love to sew and make and decorate cakes. . I have always had penfriends so love to hear from people all over the world..
I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.
Kevin and I on our wedding day

Natalie and Matthew on his wedding day

Matthew and karen on their wedding day

me being me lol

kevin being kevin

matthew and Natalie

Natalie and me

My darling cat who passed away
The church just across from my house
my cat Daisy

My royal iced church

Matthew and kevin with matthews new son Nathan



baby Grace

Ian, Natalie and Grace