Sunday, 21 December 2014

Magic Moments : Best Friends Forever

Sue and her husband laurence

Well its Monday again and time to link up with The Olivers Madhouse for magic moments.
This week I would like to tell you all about my best friend sue.When my daughter was five she had a party. All the guest were invited and it was only a small party, and the scene was set. Then a couple of days later she asked if she could invite someone called Lindsey, who I was told was in her class. I have to admit I was thinking " Oh no", not only another full of energy five year old but that she may live miles away and I would have to walk her home lol.
My daughter took me by the hand and walked me to the window. Pointed at the house across the room and told me that was where she lived.
Party was a great success and the next day we went to walk to school and my daughter pulled me along and wanted to walk with Lindsey.
That was the start of a 23 year friendship between the girls but more important between the mums. From that point on with all became firm friends and shared lots of fun, laughter and tears along the way. We moved about 16 years ago but still remain friends even if we don't see so much of each other.
We do say its not a just a friendship but more like sisters, in fact I feel like she is my sister which is great. I think we are lucky to have maybe one or two dear friends in life , and i can honestly say Sue is my dearest.
So because we don't say it enough, I would like to say thanks for being my friend and love you loads.
Go tell your friend how much you care today.... go on I dare you lol

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Gu Hot Chocolate Review

Like most woman I enjoy chocolate. At this time of the year what with it being cold and the need to be cosy, you can't beat a cup of hot chocolate. I also love cold chocolate milk as it would something that was a huge favourite when I was little.
I was lucky enough get to try a new chocolate drink by the makers Gu , who also make the most yummy puddings.
I was also given a challenge to make a chocolate cup to drink it from. Well I thought after tasting it how delicious it was and far too nice not to make more from it. I am lucky my husband Kevin is part of the first UK My kitchen rules winners team, so he is a very good cook. I asked if it was possible to make a mousse from the GU chocolate and he set about doing just that.
He added whisked egg white and double cream and a little icing sugar into the GU chocolate milk and made a totally yummy dessert.
Then it was my part! If you read my blog you know I enjoy making cakes and more importantly I love to decorate cakes. So I had a hard task to make chocolate cups from modelling chocolate and also chocolate mice. I loved making it and we had fun coming up with a great way of making something with the GU drink.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. GU have lots of lovely yummy things and you can find loads of information at their web site.

please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Ring out the bells its nearly Christmas

So I know it is not Christmas yet and not the end of the year yet either. However I thought I would sum up my 2014 before we all got so busy.
I have to say I think the year has flown past in a flash, in fact it only seems a second ago that I was planning Christmas 2013.
I think it has been a good year, one of new beginnings and one of going over old problems! I do think as you get older you tend to look back and wonder whatever happened to all that time you thought you had.
Christmas last year was wonderful as on Christmas day our darling son Matthew and his wonderful wife told us they were expecting. It was so great and one of those times you will never ever forget.
We were so excited to be grandparents for the first time, and we were counting the seconds till our grandson arrived.
On June 8th on the day of his baby shower Nathan Charles Cook arrived in the world. Mummy did a fab job and her and Nathan arrived home in time for the shower to surprise everyone.

He is such a little dear and has brought much joy to us and his other grandparents and aunts and uncles. Everyday he seems to grow a bit bigger and I for one can't wait till he is old enough to play or make cakes.

Then just one week after he was born our youngest daughter Natalie told us that she was having a baby also lol. I was so happy for her as life has been tough, she had found the most darling partner in Ian and we are so happy. She has know Ian since they were teenagers but only as friends but then love arrived and we could not be happier for them.
They are expecting a daughter in Febuary 2015 and I hope a playmate for Nathan as they get bigger.

On a personal level my health and weight has continued to challenge me everyday, but like my blog name I try to be "Jolly" when I can. I can tell you I am not going down without a fight lol.

As for the blog I push on with my learning curve which at times is steep. I think I write some things that people like to read, and I am so happy people do. In January I think its around 4 years since the blog was born, and I still love to write on it. I know there is so much more I can do if I can learn and grow.

 In past years I have seen  BritmumsLive and wished I could go. I did not think it was for me as I am just a plain old housewife and I would be so far out of my comfort zone. So this year I thought that I needed to pull on my big girl pants and plan on going. I also hoped that someone out there would sponsor me as I really wanted to represent a brand.
You can imagine how so excited I was to be sponsored by a really lovely company called
Lifestory bank. I wonderful place to record all your memories for your loved ones, which I thought was a totally fab idea. I am so honoured to be working with them and hope I can do a great job. Please take the time to check out their fab web site as it really is great.

So going into 2015 I have much to look forward too. A granddaughter and grandson to enjoy and a trip to Britmums live to learn more about the wonderful world of blogging. I also look forward reading everyone's blog posts around the world and in the UK.
So Jollyjillys would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you so much for all your support over 2014. Please keep coming back xx

Festive Food Saviours from Birds Eye

As Christmas fast comes up on us , we are as busy people looking for ways to make food interesting and not give into all the mince pies and so on. Birds Eye have so many tasty treats that the list is endless. Below are just a few but if you head over to the Birds Eye web site you can find so many more. I love the steam vegetable as they are so quick to cook, and so yummy. Plus as I am always looking to lose weight , they are good for you too. So stock up today when you are out buying your Christmas goodies.

Please note I was not paid for this review, only recieving a voucher to try a product.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Magic Moments : cats and love!

So it is very early on Monday and time once again to join in with Magic moments. This week I was thinking about some very special wee people that are and have been in my life. Anyone who knows me can tell you I love my pets. I am now going to make a full confession! I am a crazy cat lady lol
I adore cats and I have been lucky to have a few in my life. My last three have all been special in lots of ways.  I still one of the three with me and her name is Daisy! She is a very old lady about 16 yrs old but still going strong. She is no bother really apart from obsessive compulsive about any form of food. No matter how much food she has, soon as I go anywhere near the kitchen she is there lol. She like to sit on my lap for a cuddle but only on her terms and only me.

My other cat was Cfer . From the very second she came into my love she was special. We had a bond that was so strong . She was such a loving little thing and would come and sit on my lap for a cuddle anytime. My most favourite Magic moment was at night when she would lie full length to my body until I feel asleep. My constant companion for over 16 years. When she passed away for me it was just like losing a human and even today some three years on I still miss her.

I like to think back about all the great times I shared with her and how much love she gave us all . If a friend loses a pet please be kind and remember to that person this pet was a family member. My cat was full to the brim of magic moments, ones I will think of forever.