Saturday, 12 November 2016

Monty Bojangles Milky Mischief Review

I love chocolate and so when I get the chance to try some yummy ones I am there in a flash.
Monty Bojangles make a range of fantastic delights and this one I got to try was soooo yummy.

Milky Mischief  Truffles

Delightful yummy bites of milky chocolate, smooth and tasty . Light as a feather and chocolate melty bliss.  What more can I say lol. Best part is if you are vegetarian you can enjoy them as well. Make a lovely gift if you can bare to part with them. I am putting them into hampers his Christmas as I think they fit the time of year perfectly.

You can find lots of information at the Monty Bojangles web site and also lots more yummy products for you to try. There are lots of recipes to make some great things fab with Christmas just around the corner.

Monty Bojangles Pistachio Marooned Chocolate Tart

Truffle experts Monty Bojangles have partnered with Michelin Starred Chef Mark Sargeant to create a range of delicious puddings, snacks and naughty treats.

Marks Top Tip: “The Monty Bojangles Pistachio Marooned Chocolate Tart is the perfect pudding for any dinner party. I would suggest serving up slices accompanied with crushed pistachios and truffles with a side of whipped cream.”

Serves: 10

Difficulty (1-5): 1

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 40 minutes

What You’ll Need:

400g Monty Bojangles Pistachio Marooned Truffles
450ml single cream
150ml whole milk
3 large free-range eggs
1 packet of sweet pastry

What To Do:

Line a fluted 10 inch tart case with the pasty and blind bake at 180°C until golden brown. Turn the oven down to 140°C.
For the filling, bring the cream and milk to the boil and pour over the chocolate and stir until chocolate and cream are mixed. Allow to cool for 5 minutes.
Beat the eggs then add to the chocolate and mix well. Fill the pastry case with the chocolate filling.
Carefully place in the middle of the oven and bake for 30 to 40 mins. or until the filling appears set but with a slight wobble.
Serve at room temperature.

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Dylon Dye - craft project

I love to craft and I was really excited to get a chance to try some of the fab dye's from Dylon UK.
I am a child of the 70's so the old tie dye was something everyone did. I also did a lot at college with silk screen and I loved it. It is so amazing to change or re fresh the colour of an item into something exciting and new.
I want to share my first project today and then once my second is ready I can share that as well.
I have recently got into crochet and while I am not very good yet I am keen lol. I love wool and I also love the idea of a variegated colour. I wanted to try this out with the super cold water dye's from Dylon. My colours I picked were these. I have to say I did make a mistake as I picked two colours that were very alike so I would have been better to pick a more contrasting one.

I also went out and bought some double knit 100 % cotton yarn as  I thought this would give me a better result.
I started by re rolling my wool into a skein so make it better to dye. I used a handy chair and it didn't take long really.

When that was done I tied little bits to keep the skein together and removed it from the chair.
Then I mixed my dye which was so easy and it had great instructions on the back. You just need the dye and normal table salt and water. I set up my three tubs which I have to say were a little big. I had just put all my jars out in the recycling lol!!

 I then wet my wool so it was damp and dipped the ends int my dyes. I wanted to get them to run into each other because I was hoping to make a new colour where they met. I did get a green but would have liked it a little darker but that was more me not dipping it right. I stirred for about 15 mins then I left it for about 45 mins. When It was done I rinsed it all off then washed it in a 40 wash  in my machine. I think you could also wash by hand but I did not want to chance it.  I put it into a long sock so it stayed nice and tidy. I  hung the skein up to dry over night and the next day rolled it into a wool and wow I had my own original wool! I wanted to see what it made up like so I quickly made a little simple beanie hat. I was delighted ! It was so much fun and I am excited to try my next project which I will be sharing with you.

You can find out lots more about the fab Dylon range and all the wonderful colours at

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Santa Maria and Day of the Dead

We have Halloween coming up and I love a good scare lol but just after we have the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead which is celebrated with festivals, parties and wonderful food and drink to come at the start of November . A time to remember long gone family and friends with a smile. So while you may think going by the name that its a creepy thing, its not . Its a joyful time and the day perfect for a Mexican party.

So I got to try some Day of the Dead must haves

Santa Maria's Taco Seasoning Mix a blend f chilli, cumin and oregano. Combined with a favorite filling such as Chicken, Pork r vegetables and serve n a crisp taco shell for a fab Day of the dead meal.

A Mix of chilli, garlic, coriander and oregano, the Fajita seasoning mix is guaranteed to add Mexican flavour to get together. Simply fry with your meat or vegetables for a tasty meal.

 Santa Maria's soft Plain Flour Tortillas are the perfect base for almost any Mexican food from fajitas to quesadillas and burritos. Something  everyone should have in the cupboard.

We made up our own recipe's but I will share a Santa Maria one with you too.
So we made a spice beef mince fajitas. We used this recipe but where it tells you to use chicken we used mince beef as its one of our faves.

Spicy Chicken Fajitas

Serves 4


1. Slice the chicken , onions and red peppers into thin strips.
2. Fry the chicken ( or minced beef for us) in a hot pan until golden brown. Add the onions and red peppers

3. Add the seasoning mix and lower the heat to medium. Cook for 3 minutes
4. Heat the tortilla wrap according to pack instructions
5. Place salad leaves on each tortilla and p with the fajita filling and guacamole
6. Gold and garnish with lime and coriander
7. Serve immediately and enjoy!

We added some salsa and Tortilla chips to ours and it was yummy. We can't wait to try out some more meals using these great products. There is lots of information and ideas to make your Day of the Dead get going over at the Santa Maria so make sure you check it out.

Please note  I was not paid for this review just receiving a sample of the products

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Love Your Mouth Challenge

I recently got asked to take part in a  Love your Mouth  Challenge  all about oral health, and also to look at some facts. I was shocked at how people admitted to not brushing their teeth and also how many conditions are preventable is we have good oral hygiene. I know I can't go to bed without brushing my teeth and although I have good teeth, I have to be very careful with gum care.
The little survey was easy and simple to do, not many questions and it then told you recommendations for products for you. My products were
Corsodyl Toothpaste to help with bleeding gums and also Corsodyl Daily mouthwash for everyday gum protection.
I already use both and have done so for some time so I know they are both excellent products.The tooth paste leaves your mouth really clean and the mouth wash is not too strong .  I also got a cute little timer as its recommended you brush for at least 2 minutes. I thought the timer was a great idea and also wonderful for children. Start them young on oral health and it becomes second nature as they grow older.

I really hope you pop over to the web site for the challenge and to find out lots more information on oral health. It takes seconds but can be so important.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Tilda Aromatic Spices Rice Review

I love rice! In fact I could eat rice anytime sweet or savoury . I big fave in our house is the Tilda Range as there are so many yummy ones to pick and so easy to cook. So when I got the chance to try out a new one in the range I jumped at it.
We got to try

Tilda Aromatic Spices

Light Basmati  grains infused with fragrant spices. So easy to cook ever in the microwave for 2 minutes or stir fried with a little oil in 4 minutes. So light and fluffy and with a yummy delicate flavour. Would would wonderful with all kinds of meals.
I set my husband a task of making our evening meal with  the Tilda Aromatic Spices as he is such a great cook.
He made a yummy simple curry with beef and vegetables. On the side he made a mint dip and with the Aromatic spices rice it was a really yummy meal.

For lots more information regarding Tilda products pop over to their web site 

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

Monday, 26 September 2016

The Body Confidence Program Review

I was recently asked if I would like to take part in a lifestyle healthy eating plan by
Ru-tee at The Body Confidence Program. I went to the web site and was impressed by Ru-tee's experience in this area. After years of issues with her own body she developed her plan , not a diet but more a way of life. It is an 8 week online lifestyle transformation program based on optimising the body's natural circadian rhythm through diet and making small changes to how you live your life. Benefits are weight loss, increased energy , and confidence and promises 16 inch reduction.

I found the web site easy to use and the whole program simple and better still yummy food. All the measurements were sent and then we had a telephone call from Ru-tee. It was great to hear the other people that were  joining me in the journey and I got lots of information from Ru-tee to set me going.
It was very simple to start as you get a handy list , you can use the yummy recipes from the site or make up your own food using the food lists.
You have no worries as all the info is there and with e mail and social media it was super fast to get a reply to any question.

Every week we got new food lists and every week we had a phone call where we could ask questions and get help.
I lost inches every week which amazed me as I have very limited mobility so I can't do any fitness as well. I checked in with the facebook page and that really kept me going as you could see what everyone else was doing.
 There were lots of mind type things you could try to help you get away from the blame issue of weight gain.And lots of tips and hints to help you succeed . We were encourage to say weight reduction rather than weight loss and that has stayed with me.

I completed the 8 week course and I was very proud I did. I feel a drum roll coming on as I lost around 33 1/2 inches all over my body. Yes you read it correct 33  1/2 inches and reduced weight by about 10 pounds. I mainly reduced around my bust and waist but everywhere really.
So what have you to lose apart from weight and inches . You have everything to gain and I know I felt better and ready to push on to reduce my weight and more inches, in the future.
You can sign up or find lots more information over on the web site below. Good luck sign up today

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample course 

Monday, 19 September 2016

Lurpak and Game On,Cook Campaign

In my house we are Cook's by name but also Cook's by nature! Both my husband and I share a love of cooking. With him its general cooking and with me its baking. Its funny but up until a few years ago I hated cooking lol.
I was recently asked to take part in a campaign run by Lurpak. Now I did not need asking twice as I love Lurpak products and use them all the time. I was delighted to be given a £30  voucher to go and buy all my Lurpak and other products a real treat.
The Campaign states that that the average Brit spends more than five hours a week on social media looking at food culture but only 4 hours really cooking!

So Lurpak has come up with a new idea  with  Game on , Cooks Campaign which aims to tackle he problem head on by challenging Brits to turn off their screens and put the oven on. I think you will agree if you love to cook its so much fun creating your own dish.

So off I went to my super market for supplies! I knew it had to be cake because hey that's what I do best. I really love the Lurpak Cook's range and the cooking liquid is great for all cooking and I also like to use it to grease my tin. I then use a little flour and I find my cakes slip out of the tin with ease and no need to line.

I knew I was going to use my favourite recipe which is James Martins Madeira cake . Its a very easy one to follow and you get great results. I love to use Lurpak in cooking if I want it to be very special and it just tastes so good . I went for he unsalted and also the salted for my butter cream as I think it tastes the best!

I also got some of the spreadable as I was keen to see what was best. This type is great for everyday use as its super easy to use. I think you can use either but I went with the block butter this time.

I had to get all my other products with my voucher as well. Two bags of self raising flour, A bag of sugar, vanilla essence, baking power, 12 free range eggs,  As I had a chocolate ganache  under my fondant I had to buy double cream and chocolate. I like a 70% type but any will do I had to get 4 packs. Then I had to buy 4 packets of 500g's of sugar paste or fondant to cover with. A board to put it on as well. Altogether it came to £37.23 so I had to add a little, but that was fine.

Very soon it was baking. Once it was out I set about making it look fab as I could using the lovely butter to make the butter cream as well as the cake.  I think I did well with my £30 voucher plus the little extra,  and I do have some lovely Lurpak over to make something else, so watch this space. I hope you like what I made! Lucky for me I had my flowers already made and waiting for a yummy cake to decorate. I really enjoyed the Campaign and it made me think I must do more. Hubbie who is a past winner of a T.V cookery show said the same! He is already thinking of ways to use my spare Lurpak butter lol.

So jump over to the Lurpak web site at and join in the Campaign there are loads of fab idea for you to make !

Please note I was only given a £30 voucher in order to buy products for this post