Friday, 7 April 2017

Old Lady Hair... Life and Times of the 50+

You always hear people (mainly men) complain about how long woman take to get ready. Well it is a major operation let me tell you. When you are young its about the make-up, your hair and what great outfit that will make you look hot.
I will always remember my friend Debbie and I trying to get her into her jeans !! We had to hook a coat hanger through the zipper and I had to pull it up lol. She could barely move but boy did she look hot and at the age that was all that counts.

As life moves on you become a mum and style and cool goes out of that door. Just getting out without being covered in baby sick or poop is enough. You don't care if you are running out to by milk in your PJ's long as you get the milk. If you do go out baby free you find you lost you ability to apply make-up and also spend the next 2 hrs worrying about the baby !!!!

Let me tell you it gets no easier as you get older. You spend more time worrying or covering up things that should not be there than you ever did as a teenager.
I have no idea why but at a certain point the body thinks "Hey lets lose hair on the head and  move it to a better place"! The dreaded OLD LADY HAIR appears. You get up one morning and look in the mirror and what do you see ............... A dirty big black hair on your chin !!!! My goodness you panic worried have you been walking around for days with that evil thing!!!!! Rush for the tweezers and bang its gone and you can breath again. Until the next time and oh no there is another.
I swear they talk to each other and plan a map of where they will grow next.
Getting ready is a full on experience far more than when I was young. The battle to get rid of the Old lady hair is one that requires time!! You find the devils and deal with them, is that it ? Oh no! I am also allergic to tweezers so then I have to deal with the red marks left by tweezers. So its cover up time more so than I ever did as a teenager lol.

So if anyone out there has found a really good Old lady hair remover let me know lol. And if you would like to apply for the job of my wing person to spot them if I don't, I pay well in cake !!!

Stay strong in the fight my friends 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Crochet Love

I am a person who always had multi craft interests. I come from a very clever and creative mother, who like me could turn her hand to most things. My mum worked in what people from London called the  Rag Trade. Basically she helped to make the clothes that people bought from shops. However at times she was much more and used to work for a fashion designer and made stage clothes for a famous singer in the 1960's. So my creative side came from a very talented lady.

While my mum was alive to be honest I did not sew because it was so much easier to get her to make things lol. She was faster and better than me and it was not until she passed away far to young at 64 that I had to sew for myself. Over the years I made the children clothes and then I moved onto patchwork and that became a passion. My mum was also an excellent knitter and while I could knit I found it too slow.

Just recently my daughter started to crochet and found she was a natural. I watched all the things she made but even though I knew the basics that was it. As my mobility is limited these days it was perfect as I did not have to keep moving and it helped to ease the creative side of me.
I looked on you tube for teach yourself type video's and came across a person called "Wooly Wonders Crochet" and i started to follow along to her makes. Soon I was making granny squares and even a jumper. She was nice and slow and I could follow along with ease. She has so many videos i have many projects to work through.

My best thing I loved making was a poncho for my daughter which was a big make for me. I think it turned out well

I don't think I will ever be as good as my daughter but I am dead happy I learnt a new skill in my late 50's. Its never too late to learn.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Grandparent Daycare

In this day an age more and more parents are having to continue work once having children. In my day you gave up work to care for your children in most cases. These days it seems parents can't have that luxury as the cost of living has gone up so much . I married at 20 and had my first child at 23, I did not have a career before and I never considered leaving my son to work. I rarely asked for babysitting as my mother moved a fair way away and my mother in law worked. Plus she used to tell us that she had to take her children everywhere with her so we should also.
When my youngest was about two I was offered a good job in London. The money was excellent and it had good promotion chances as well. Then I hit the childcare wall! I could not (and it was not on offer) use a private nursery and my mother in law , told me she had her children and did not want to start again. At the time I have to be honest and say I thought she was rather mean lol.

I looked into child minders but was worried about leaving my child with someone in their house. I do not think childminders in those days had to be controlled and good as they are now. So I had to let the job go. I did not look for work again and choose to stay home and bring up my children.
Now I am a grandmother I do see it from the other side and I totally understand what my mother in law meant .

Tell me who has not been out and seen an older person with a young child! You see it all the time and it seem to be epic proportions. I can understand why when a full day at a nursery in our area is £35 its no wonder grandparent daycare is so popular.  My daughter has spent four years training to be a nurse its a very difficult and hard course but she is nearly at the end. She also has a 2 yr old and trying to arrange childcare she can afford is hard.

I am sure all grandparents love their grandchildren with all their heart but I bet if you asked these grandparent carers they would tell you they would rather not do it. It was hard when you were young let alone into your 50/60 an worse still 70's.

I think making a plan that sees the children happy and cared for and that the grandparents are also happy and cared for. There has to be ground rules and boundaries to keep to as well.
So good luck all the nan carers you are not alone!

Friday, 31 March 2017

Hey I am back !

Well loyal readers I am back. I had a long break from my normal blog post because I simply ran out of things to say. When I started this blogging journey I was in the dark about most things lol. Now I am not saying I am any better informed these days but I am more relaxed about the blog.
I know I still want it to be about my life in general, my family who are the world to me and my crafts.
My grandchildren are growing up so fast ! Every time I see them they seem to have learnt a new skill and both of them are the light of my life. Then in July we are going to get another grandson and we are all so excited about that.

Our grandson Nathan

My daughter Natalie , husband Ian and granddaughter Grace 

I have had some long standing issues with health and trying to find answers to feeling sick all the time. Its not easy when you feel so ill and have chronic pain as people do stop listening. Or rather you stop talking about it as you know people are not listening. Its very hard not to give up on life but I am a positive person and I fight on. I just wish I was carrying less weight so I can run around after the children, but its not so easy when you can't burn it off.

I can still manage to decorate my cakes with some help and that really cheers me up,  I love to see peoples faces when they see them.
I still want to learn more about blogging and I wish I had started when I was younger as I am sure I could have done well. I am proud of keeping the blog going but I would love to take it further.
It shows even someone of nearly 60 can learn new technology lol
My son tells me I need to focus my blog on a subject but I still love the orginal idea of me sharing my life in an online diary. It is something I need to consider really. I do look at endless you tube things about blogging and how to improve your presences but a lot I fail to understand lol.

Hey I am back and I will try to get into the groove again and for now carry on sharing my life until I find a new way .
Hope all my blogging friends are around and I would love to hear from anyone really.
Happy weekend xxxxxxx

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Aldi Easter Activities Range Review

Easter is nearly here and not only are we all looking forward to lots of yummy chocolate, we can also have fun making and doing.
Aldi have a new range of Easter products which are available in store from the 6th of April. A really fab range of things to make and do for all the family.
I was lucky enough to see a few items and I know my grandchildren are going to love them.

These lovely colourful jigsaw books are so fun. My nearly 3 yr old grandson and 2 yr old granddaughter love them. A nice simple to read story with a jigsaw to make as well. I also find i you do not want to use the jigsaw you can leave it as a book which is great for the younger grandchild. Makes a nice gift as well.

The range also includes sticker books which are my granddaughters fave although she sticks them on me lol!

If you feel like making your own hat Aldi have thought of that as well lol

So you are all set with your activities , your hat and to finish off your room with some Easter Bunting 

But wait I forgot you need something to carry your chocolate home in lol. 

 You can find lots more information over at the Aldi web site 

Please note I was not paid for the review only receiving a sample of the products

Le Rustique Cheese

March had nearly gone but is not too late to try our some wonderful cheese from Le Rustique.
This company has been producing quality cheese since 1975, easy to find in its authentic wooden style box. I love that it is wrapped in white and red gingham as you feel that you are getting a luxury item.

So Le Rustique is celebrating with new recipes using honey as the secret ingredient. All you need is a box of Le Rustique Camembert and a wedge of Le Rustique Brie de Caractere and you can start cooking.
Le Rustique has done the hard work and got the balance of flavours just right and have a whole range of fab recipes created by Lavender & Lovage perfect for all those spring and summer days.
The one I thought was yummy is :-

Le Rustique Camembert and Apple Scones with Honey Butter

Delectable Le Rustique Camembert and apple scones are on the table in less than half an hour and are perfect when served with honey butter.

Makes 10-12 medium scones
Prep 25 mins
cooking time 10-12 mins


Honey Butter
5 tbsp runny honey ( flower or lavender)
150g unsalted butter

450g self -raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2  tsp sea salt
100g butter cut into small pieces
100g Le Rustique Camembert diced
1 small eating apple diced or grated
300ml milk mixed with a beaten egg
poppy seeds


1. To make the honey butter: beat the honey and the butter with a hand held electric whisk until light and fluy. Set to one side until needed.
2. Pre heat the oven to 220/450f/gas mark 7 and line a baking sheet with baking paper
3. sift the four baking powder and salt together and then rub in the butter until it resembles bread crumbs.
4. stir in the Le Rustique Camembert and apple add just enough of the milk an mixture to make a soft dough, it should not be too sticky. Reserve the remaining milk and egg mixture for the glaze
5. Gather into a ball and place in a floured work surface; roll out gently to a thickness of 2cm and stamp out the scones with a 5cm scone cutter. Gather together all the offcuts and continue to stamp out scones until all the dough is used up.
6. Place the scones onto the prepared baking sheet and brush the with the egg and milk before scattering some Poppy seeds over the top.
7. Bake for 10-12 mns or until they are well risen and golden brown.
8. Cool for a few mins on a wire rack before serving warm with honey butter.

Yummy on their own  or lovely with a meal such as a stew or casserole.
You can find lots more information and recipes at

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Tetley Super Green tea Matcha Review

As a lover of all tea I was happy to try a new Green Tea by Tetley.

Tetley is bringing the natural healthy goodness of matcha to tea lovers across the country, with NEW Tetley Super Green Tea Matcha - a blend of pure green tea with real ground matcha - finely milled, rich green tea powder. The result is a delicious, low-calorie, flavoured packed brew for natural healthy goodness.

Tetley Super Green Tea Matcha contains naturally high levels of manganese which contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones and supports metabolism. Matcha, literally meaning ‘powdered tea’ has emerged as a hot new tea trend in recent years. It boasts a unique and rich  taste with a pleasing lingering sweetness. Tetley recommends you enjoy at least one mug a day of Tetley Super Green Tea Matcha as part of a varied and balanced diet.

I really was not keen on green tea before this brand but I was pleased with the taste this one gave. It made very nice drinking and I am hoping my health will be better for it. One mug a day is something I can do and not miss my milk to much lol.
 Why not pop over to the Tetley web site for loads more information and history of teas . The full range is huge and something for everyone.

please note I was not paid for this review just receiving a sample of the product