Sunday, 2 August 2015

Black and white Photo : 02/08/2015

Its the first time I have joined in with this link up but it sounded fun so here I am. This is a picture I took just recently on holiday in The cotswolds. We stayed at a beautiful house with a lake outside.
I loved all the tall grasses swaying in the breeze.

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Friday, 31 July 2015

Whitby Seafoods Review

I had the chance this week to review Whitby Seafoods. Now I have to say I love Whitby as a place and also where good friends Jane and Clive live. We have had the pleasure of staying in Whitby twice and totally loved the whole place.
My husband is a full on sea food lover and I will always pick scampi over many other dishes, so the chance to taste some was too good to be missed.

So Lets give you a little background on Whitby Seafoods first., in their own words.

As one of the largest scampi companies in the UK, we know we have a responsibility to the environment. We want to make sure that the stocks of seafood from which we source our scampi stay healthy, and that the ocean is unaffected by us, and the fishermen who supply us
They also say that all scampi is caught in waters around the British Isles and also by British skippers, many of which are from Whitby.

I tried two types

Was a lovely scampi in a yummy crumb coat. We cooked ours in the oven in no time and both tasted great. Full of flavour but not fishy or greasy at all. Our only problem was the bag was too small lol. Plus if your were cooking for a family one bag would not go very far. Maybe a larger family bag could be available . To be honest I think we would buy the bigger bag and then pop what we do not use for another meal.
Just for a little while I was sitting in Whitby watching the boats and enjoying the yummy scampi . This was our meal we had and it was soooo nice.

There are many more lovely flavours in the range and lots of ideas on the web site. Seafood is such a British classic meal and one you don't have to only be at the seaside to enjoy any more.

So thank you Whitby Seafood for making me remember why I love Whitby so much!
If you would like more information about Whitby Seafood check out their web site at

Please note I was not paid for the review , only receiving a sample of the product 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Kelmy Royal Icing and Fondant

Just recently I was very lucky to attend a course with the lovely David MacCarfrae and Karen Davies, in Liverpool. We did a great deal of Royal Icing and used a new product to me from a company called Kelmy.
It was a ready mixed Royal Icing sugar you simply mix 60ml of water to 500g of the sugar to make a stiff icing. You can add more water to make different textured icing as well. I loved how smooth and easy to use and to mix it was. David told us how good it was as a product and that it would hopefully be on sale in the UK in the future.
I was so pleased with my cake I e mailed Kelmy to express how much I liked their product. I was so pleased when they offered to send me some to help with a cake I was in the process of making.
I got to try out the Royal Icing mix again which makes the whole thing super easy. So simple to use and takes colour really well or leave white. Gives lovely results this is my cake which a made using some of the Kemy products , the Royal icing and the marzipan. I was very pleased with the result.

I really loved their fondant. As a cake maker you are always looking out for good fondant. I did not have enough to use on this cake but I have a wee trial and I was impressed. Its very flexible , no cracks and seem to not suffer with humidly in the fridge. I found it did not stick to cutters and the colours did not fade. Also it had a lovely taste of vanilla.
It comes in colours and also white from 100g up to 3kg. I am going to get some larger amounts so I can cover a cake and see how it performs , but I am excited.

I also tried the marzipan which is premium quality and made only from sugar and almonds. I found a little went a long way and was so easy to handle. It was not too sticky and gave a lovely finish.

All the Kelmy products are Gluten Free which has to be good if this is an issue for yourself or a client.

I know Kelmy hope to start selling in the UK soon and I will keep you updated if I hear any further news on that. I am excited as they will be at the Cake and Bake show in London October 2-4  so you will be able to buy some and try it out.

I can't wait myself to get some more as I really do like it a lot.
If you can't wait you can go to the Kelmy shop at

please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the products

Family Birthday Fun

As you may guess from other blog post I really love my kids, they are my life. So it is always special when we all get a chance to meet up for a family meal. This time it was for my daughter Natalie's 29 birthday. It was a very warm day as well so we picked a nice pub for our meal. It was special that both my children, grandchildren and their partners could make as well. We had a chance to chat and have fun and enjoy good food. We even had a dessert but we were all good and shared a giant one between us all which was fun. So I would like to share some pictures that my son Matthew took of the day and hope they make you smile this Monday.

Natalie and Ian

Natalie enjoying her cake lol

Myself and granddaugher Grace

Auntie Natalie and Nathan

Nathan and daddy Matthew

Nathan and mummy karen

Nathan and granddad 

Friday, 24 July 2015

A Good Craft Week thanks to Coats and The cake and bake show

I love my crafts and I have done a few over the years. I was brought up on sewing as my mum was a very talented dress maker and during the 50's used to make for many famous people. I guess I did inherit some of her talent although never in her league . When I got older I fell into doing patchwork at first as a way of using up fabric but later more as a passion. I have to be honest I love fabric lol. I love the feel of it and the way you can transform it into something beautiful. So this year when I attended Britmums live in London, I was so excited to see the Coats who are so part of the craft world in a huge way and for many many years , would be there. I have to be honest I made a beeline for the craft section and we delighted to see all the ideas that were around for you to try. My daughter is a keen crafter too and she was more excited by all the wool and knitting patterns. We got chatting to a very nice lady and at the end of the weekend we exchanged cards.
So you can imagine how delighted I was when they contact me and ask me to one of their craft ambassadors . It means I get to check out lots of projects and pass that onto you. I also have other plans which I think will be fun as well.
So I am waiting to start a project and I hope to share all the items I use and how I go about it for you. So watch this space. Thank to Coats for their faith in me. You should check out their fab website as it has a ton of great ideas.

My second passion and if you know me well its fairly funny trust me ! Is cake decorating. I have never really enjoying cooking and I am happy to leave that too my husband. Then a few years ago he got me a cupcake decorating class for my birthday. As there was no cooking involved I loved every second as it was a way to use up creative energy, And so it started i quickly wanted to know more and more  , and i have tried to learn from the best. 
This year there is a cake show all over the country called The Cake and Bake Show. As the London date was not too far I was looking to go. Then I was asked to help bring the event to peoples attention, which as it looked so good I was happy to do. So over the last few months I have tried to bring it to every ones attention in hopes they will go, So you can imagine I was delighted today to hear from them, that I have been picked with some others to be official Cake and Bake blogger. I am hoping I get to try our some things and then let you know how it all went. I am going to London in October so I hope some of you wil make it also.
So thank you Cake and Bake Show for asking me I am delighted.

Get along to their web site for lots more information and ticket sales.

So I am really excited to be working with both lovely brands 

Monday, 20 July 2015

What's the story

I am taking the time to join in with a lovely link up with PodcastDove whats the story. It made me go and look at some old pictures and I did smile at some of them. I know they will kill me but I really loved this picture of my kids back in the 90's. All the neon stuff and stone washed jeans was all the rage lol. When they see this they always say " mum what on earth are we wearing lol" ! I do try to explain that it was high fashion then .

They were so cute in those clothes and I know My son loved his jeans which were ghost busters I think. It only seems a second ago that they were that young. Now Natalie will be 29 in the morning and Matthew will be 34 this year. Both are parents themselves Matthew to Nathan who is one and Natalie to Grace who is 6 months.

I am so very proud of them as they grew up into fine adults and I love them with all my heart.

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My magic wonderful children

This Monday I thought Would join in the magic moments link up. When you get to my age of 57 there are a lot of magic moments and also moments that are not so magic lol. I feel the older you get the more time you spend looking back on your life. I also find life seems to slip past so fast now.
I think I have had a good life so far and had much to be very grateful for. I married very young and thankfully we are still together nearly 36 years later. The one thing I was wanting was to be a mum.
We started trying for a baby the second we got married, sadly nothing happened and my dream seemed like it was not to be. We got advice and were told that it would happen in time.

After two years of trying that wonderful magic moment happened and and I found out I was pregnant at last. On the 28th November 1981 my darling son Matthew arrived. I can't say enough how much he was wanted and loved , I was a mum at last. At first I thought Matthew may have been my only child. I was so delighted with him and wanted nothing more than to enjoy him. Fate had another plan for me lol. Five years later on the 21st July 1986 our darling daughter Natalie arrived.

My life was complete I had two beautiful children and my world was a joy with them in it.
They are grown-up now and Matthew and his wife Karen are gave us our  my first grandson in June 2014  .Natalie is at University studying to be a nurse. Natalie and her partner Ian  also gave us our Granddaughter Grace In January this year.
I am so proud of them both and all they have achieved in their lives.
I hope they think I have been a good mum and you always worry you could have done more.
Thanks for have the Magic Moments Link up as I really enjoyed counting my blessings.