Tuesday, 19 March 2019

My Blogging life !!

When many years ago my very talented niece said ' Why not start a blog Auntie' I thought she was mad.  Firstly I had no idea what a 'Blog' was and second was who on earth wants to read anything I write.  I went with the flow and with her help and a fab logo made by my talented son Jollyjillys was born.  It was a steep learning curve and I know I made a ton of mistakes ( sure I still do lol) but slowly I did learn. Back then people wrote more as an online diary and if you got anything nice you was very happy. Now I think its a full time job for some and good luck to them,  I wish I had the time to do that as its so much fun.

As time has gone on and grandchildren come along spare time in short. These days I think grandparents are used for childcare more and more, so retirement doesn't always mean retirement .
So my blog as slipped into the shadows and only every now and then I pop in to share a fab product or news. It takes so much work to have a successful blog and to keep it successful I just don't have the time to spend on it which is a shame. My son nags me about doing more to mention cake decorating and maybe tutorials but once again its time.

So his wee post is a kind of toe in the water thing, may a few lines a week and building up to where I used to be posting everyday who knows.
So If you have been reading since the start and are still around I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you have suggestions on a post then should out and maybe I can drag my brain away from kiddie TV to write something lol.

As Arnie would say 'I'll be back' 

Friday, 18 January 2019

Aldi Pro ski range review

Well if you have been out today you will know its cold! In fact its the first time this winter I did really feel cold. So this new range from Aldi came along at the right time. Yes it is a ski range but to be fair its great for any winter conditions ski or not. I only got to see a couple of items so go over to the web site or in store to see the full range.

Knitted Hat £3.49

I loved this hat as its super warm and cosy. Knitted with a nice fake fur pompom and also lined with a nice fleece lining. Good in size not so big its falling over your eyes but big enough to keep your ears warm. Good quality and great value.

Jersey Snood £2.99

This is fab not just for woman. Soft but cosy it keeps your neck warm without adding bulk. Comes in other colours and is great for the price

So just a tease of the range which is so fair priced it can save you a fortune if you are off to ski or just wanting to keep warm.  Check out the range online or in store .

Advertisement I was not paid for this review just receiving a sample of the products 

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Christmas Table Accessories From Aldi

You know I Love Christmas it is my most favourite time of the year and one I look forward too. I think that it comes from my mum who used to make a huge effort to make it special for me every year. Mum also love a nice looking table and I take after her with that idea. Yes you have to have great food but to walk in a room and see a beautiful table is also important.
You also know what a huge fan of Aldi I am so the chance to look at some items that combine my two faves was a real plus.
Aldi has a huge range of Winter products and the table accessories are great, and not just for Christmas. So this is what I got to try!

Crofton Round Divided Serving Dish £6.99

This is a really fab china dish. Very heavy so a quality product ! I was impressed. Two sections which are nice to serve two vegetables or any thing really. Comes in three colours all of which are great. Even the red can be used all year round. Dishwasher safe which is always a plus!

Electric Pepper or salt Mill  £6.99

I always have an issue with salt and pepper ! I either get too much or too little or I drop it in my dinner . So these smart and stylish mills are fab for that as one button press and you are sorted. Smart enough to sit on the table and best part they come with batteries, how great is that.

Table Runner £4.99

I love a bit of sparkle and this lovely table runner has just that. Decent size and looks great on a table as is or on top of a table cloth. Very stylish and the sparkle is delicate so not too much. Also machine washable so when someone pour gravy over it your safe!

Kirby Sparkle Effect Napkins £4.99
4 In set

To go with your lovely runner they also have some fab fabric napkins. Excellent quality and with the same delicate sparkle . You can't buy one without the other because they look so good together.

Hammered and wire Napkin Rings £3.99
4 In set

Crofton Thermal Gravy Boat  £6.99

I know I have one and I bet you have one ........ yes those shallow gravy boats that hold nothing and slop over the table at one pour! So I really clapped my hands at this one. Smart and stylish and would look great on any table. Designed to keep the gravy hotter longer , although in my house it not an issue as its gone so fast!

Reversible Placemat and Coaster Set £4.99
4 In the set

I loved these super practical placemats and coasters. One side is a very pretty sparkly effect which the other a more plain , so giving you table use. I thought the quality was excellent very sturdy and great value.
 So I am all set , well my table will be for the big day. There is still time to run to the shops and get yours so don't waste time go ASAP.

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

Friday, 16 November 2018

Christmas crafting with Aldi Review

I you know me you will also know I am a keen crafter. In my time I have tried every craft I can. Some successfully and some not but I always give it a go. As you may also know if you visit often, I do love Aldi. So when I get a chance to combine two favourites its a very good day indeed!
The Christmas crafting at Aldi has a huge range of products and I would go so far to say there is something for everyone. A lot of the items would make great gifts or stocking fillers for a keen crafter or someone who is wanting  to try out a new skill.  So I got to try the following

So Crafty -My First Crochet Kit £8.99

I love this little kit so much. Comes in a sturdy old fashioned suitcase style box., which I think is worth the money on its own. It contains everything you need to get you started with crochet. Yarn, felt, hooks, needles, stuffing, tape measure and instructions. Great little projects like a scarf for teddy or a pencil case, and a few other things. For the slightly older child 8+ but I am sure even younger if an adult took care of everything inside the case.  Really sweet and great value.

Crochet your own Christmas decorations £2.99

I can crochet but I struggle with longer projects or complicated patterns. So this handy little kit is perfect for me.You can make three decoration to hang on your tree and the kit comes with yarn, hook, stuffing, needle and instructions. Very easy but great fun and you can use them year after year. Great gift and so good for the price.

So crafty Make your own mini felt decorations £2.99

I love this little kit because an adult would like it or you could make them with an older child. All the pieces for the three decorations come die cut so no cutting out lots of bits, ribbon, stuffing , needle, thread and instructions. Super simple to make and best part you can use them every year

 . Kirstie Allsopp Make our own Pompom Wreath £7.99

I think this one is great. I love wreaths and have lots every year. Why limit yourself to a door I hang them on the walls like pictures . This one is super fun and modern. Like the other kit its comes with everything you need. Rattan Wreath, pompom makers x3, yarn and ribbon . The instructions are all on the box and are simple to follow and understand. Even when you are done you can use the pompom maker to do others for different projects. You can even take the pompoms off next year and do a fresh colour if you wanted.

As a long term crafty I have to say I was impressed buy these kits, not just on price but also on content.  I know how frustrating it is when you want to try a new craft but do not have all the things you need to get on. Great for older kids and adults alike and fab stocking fillers.

Check out the craft items online and in store

please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

Friday, 9 November 2018

Aldi Winter Home Review

Its no secret that I love Winter! I love to be warm and cosy and to be able to wrap up and be snug. So when I heard about Aldi's new Winter Home items I was very excited. Plus we have Christmas coming up so everyone always needs a great gift. I do love Aldi and I think they have a great range of items to please everyone. So I was lucky to try out three items.

Ladies Loungewear £13.49

These are super soft and super comfy. Nice and thick and they look far more expensive than their real price. I soft velvet type fabric which is also warm, they fit well and ideal for those lazy days of relaxing. Plus smart enough that if someone arrived you would look fit to see them !

Blue Ladies Loungewear Set

Slipper Socks £5.99

I suffer with cold feet so  I am always keen to find something to really keep my toes warm. These fit the bill just right! Double lined being knitted outside and warm fluffy fleece lining inside . Non slip soles as well so super safe. Ideal for a small gift but one that any lady will be glad of.

Avenue Ladies' Glitter Socks 2 Pack

Chunky Knitted Blanket Scarf £8.49

I adore this chunky scarf. I love the colour which I think Aldi call pink but I would say a lush raspberry colour, to the warm cosy feel. So thick you would never be cold wearing it either around your neck or around your shoulders. Now this really is a great gift and I know I am going to buy another in a different colour as they are so great.

Avenue Ladies' Check Blanket Scarf

This is just the items I got to see. There are so many more to choose from so why not check it out in store or online at

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Review of Aldi's Winter Home Range

Aldi is a favourite store in our house and has been for awhile. My husband does all the shopping but brings me the news and even rings me to show me new finds . So I was delighted to look at a couple of items from the Aldi Winter Home Range. Anyone who knows me will also know I love winter. I love being home and being cosy and warm, so this got my interest.
We got to look at two from the range ( there are loads more ) at home.

Faux Sheepskin Rug  £14.99

This is a lovely soft rug. Really deep fake fur which to be honest give it a quality far beyond the price. We had a really yummy soft dusty pink which was great as my granddaughter's bedroom had been decorated and it went so well. She wanted to sleep on it and not in bed as it was so soft !

Wood Burner Lantern  £9.99

We do not have a fire and I dream of a real fire and sitting watching it burn. As we have no chimney its never going to happen so I love to have lights that give that effect.  This lantern does just that. It looks stylish and gives off a lovely warm gentle glow to the room. Only one slight thing was to put batteries in you need to  unscrew the battery compartment. I must say I did struggle with this as he screw was really tight, but the lantern is so worth it .

 There are many items in the range so get online or to store to check them out

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

Monday, 24 September 2018

Review of Lapland mailroom.com

Well anyone who knows me also knows I love Christmas. I think since I was a young child it was always a magical time of year for me. My Mum would go out of her way to make it special and would always leave me a letter from Santa. I would contain personal stuff about my family or things I had done and I would get so excited . Hopefully over the years they were small I tried to do that with my own children.

Now life has moved on and I was looking for a way to add to the event this year for my Grandchildren, as I want them to grow up with the magic all over again.
So I came across a great site on the Internet called Lapland mailroom and I was like a little kid again , all excited about a letter from Santa. I have to be honest and say I did at one point consider sending myself one ha ha ha!  It is so simple and easy to do. I just logged onto to the site and was given a choice of a few types of letter. You can see what the wording is in each letter so its super easy to pick your fave.

Then its just a matter of typing in your child name and details. You can even add in pets, friends who ever you wants. Right at the end you can put a message about something special that may have happened during the year, how fab is that.

At the end you get a chance to read your letter and check all the information. Its very easy to edit and you can keep going back and forward until you are happy with the result. When you are all done you get to see your final letter which is really good. Anything you want to change can still be done , but then one you are ready you can pay.
After paying you get a confirmation straight away .

Customer service with this company was great. Any questions I had were answered straight away no waiting at all. Excellent in today's busy world. I think its wonderful to give the little ones in your life that wee bit of magic while they still believe. I know I am going to hang on to doing this every year maybe even when they say 'nan stop we are in our thirties' ha ha! 

please note I was not paid for this review, only receiving a sample of the product