Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Bioglan Review

I have had a few health issues and also long term conditions which can be a little exhausting at times. So recently I was asked if I would like to try out some Bioglan products.

So I had to try:-

Supergreen Berry Boost

This is a perfect way to get all your fruit and vegetables in with ease. Each serving is equivalent to 16 portions of fruit and veg. Not only that it s also packed with 20 ingredients and full range of nutrients to add good health. It is good for energising, vitality, immunity and digestion .
You can add it to water to make a great drink or add it to non acidic juices and smoothies.
I tried it as a drink with water and was really happy with the taste . I have to say I have felt better the last few days so I plan on carrying on . The power is very fine so one 100g pack should be great value.

Supergreen Cacao Boost

Once again with have a fab way to get that veg fix. This one is equivalent to 14 portions of fruit and vegetables in one serving.
Great for alkalising, energising, vitality, immunity, digestion, and natural mood boost. Packed with cacao for extra vitality and rich chocolate flavour. Once again you can mix with water or add to non acidic juices. It is also great for iron.
Tastes great and does you good what more can you ask for .


Natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids from algae and also high in protein. This was a new one on my so I was very interested in all the 100 + Nutrients it contains. I made up the green smoothie
which is on the packet and I have to say it was good. It is a little harder taste to get used to to but not bad at all.

Raw Bites

A yummy mix of chia , maca and peanuts.Free from refined sugars , added flavours, colours and preservatives. 100% natural . Lts of superfods t gve you energy and stop sugar cravings.
My only issues is I had them all at once because they tasted so good lol.

All these products are available at waitrose, holland barett, superdrug, Amazon, ocado, boots, tesco.
And online at Thehealthcounter.com and chemist direct.
For more information check out

Sunday, 24 April 2016

To Blog or Not to Blog

I have had my blog for some years now. I have gone from not even knowing what a blog is , to attending a blogging conference last year! Its been a steep learning curve and I think that I have done a fair job. I wish blogging had been around when I was younger as I think I would have loved it. I know my mum would have as she loved to write. I still have a stack of her short stories that I keep saying I will write up one day !
I have learnt so much about social media and other people from all parts of the world. I also have made such nice blogging friends like Jaime from The Olivers Madhouse and Cathy who's antics with her son never fail to make me laugh.
I have had so many chance to try out products and have contact with some lovely brands, even if it is a tiny thing  I am also grateful. I know I will never set the blogging world on fire but I also try to do a good job not matter what  I am writing about.
Recently I have hit a wall. I have nothing to say and often sit at my computer trying t come up with something. I feel guilty as  have not been trying real hard to post on my blog.
I have stopped looking at the rankings as once I started slipping it hurt lol.
So I am doing some thinking on if  I should continue who if Jollyjillys has run its course?
I wonder if this is common? Am I alone on this lack of energy or is it something that hits if you have been blogging for a while.
I have some wonderful happy memories of how exciting I found it all lol so I am really not sure.
Hope someone reads this lol and love to hear your views as well

Drawing by Alan Ford

Monday, 4 April 2016

My Happy Place

I was busy today working on my daughters wedding cake. I have a few health issues but most stuff I can do sitting so its a really great thing for me. My daughter is going old school with the design and guess who gets to make it !!!! Its going to be big and I am nervous I can tell you. I have no idea how many sugar flowers I will need so I am making loads so I have enough to work with. I always hated cooking , even though I grew up with a mum who was great at it. She could cook anything but her best was bread pudding oooo yummy. We used to fight over who would get the crunchy bit at the side lol.
I can cook but it really doesn't do anything for me , I think it comes from always being worried about my weight, kinda takes the fun out of cooking lol.
Then a few years back hub got me a cupcake course and I went and really had fun. Since then I have been learning myself more about the art of cake decorating. I have been lucky to meet some fantastic teachers like David from David Cakes who is a wonder wth Royal icing, and with his partner in crime Ed have  become  dear friends.
More local to me I have Claire from Clairella Cakes. I found Claire because a teacher had mentioned her and that she was in show. I was amazed by her cake and when she started classes I had to try them out. Like David she is kind and patient and does the best lunch ever lol. Its easy to see why people come from all over the world to have lessons.
I am never going to set the cake world alight but I think I can turn out a fair cake lol. I shall leave you with some pictures and some links if you want to check out David and Claire.

I should add these view are my own and I was not paid at all for them.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Play Time!

I thought it was about time I put a put up about life recently as it has been awhile. I have been fairly ill over the last few weeks so to be honest I just did not have the energy. A few weeks ago my son Matthew his wife Karen and our grandson Nathan came to visit. We took Nathan to the soft play park which is near my house. I had not been in one before as when my kids were little they never had stuff like this. What a fab place! It was spotless and clean and really bright and fun with lots of great bright coloured furniture .My son and daughter in law took Nathan on all the things and I have to be honest I would have loved to get in myself lol. I think a 50 + chubby lady trying to squeeze on the slide would have made you have been framed lol. We all had a nice time and finished at my house with some lunch. I thought I would share some pictures so you can see we had a fab time.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Aldi Spring/Summer Cocktails

As its is the first day of spring and Easter is just around the corner it seemed like a great idea to start planning those cocktails for all the summer events.
I wanted to share a few from Aldi as they have some great ones that are easy to make and easy to drink.

Blackberry Smash

50 ml Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin
½ a cup of white sugar
½ a cup hot water
10-12 blackberries
25ml fresh lemon juice
6 mint leaves
Sparkling water to top

1)       Fill a tall glass and a cocktail shaker with cubed ice
2)       To make blackberry syrup dissolve the white sugar in the hot water. Once dissolved add in 10/12 blackberries and allow to cool down to room temperature before straining and chilling in the fridge
3)       Add 25ml of blackberry syrup and all ingredients (except the sparkling water) to the cocktail shaker
4)       Shake hard for ten seconds and then strain through a tea strainer into the ice-filled tall glass
5)       Slowly top with sparkling water

Decoration / to serve
Garnish with a lemon wedge, blackberry and large mint sprig. Finely dust with caster sugar to give a frosted look.

Tasting notes
Delicious fresh berries and fresh lemon juice combine with the crisp taste of gin to make this cocktail the perfect drink for a summer afternoon. With its uplifting citrus and berry notes, Blackberry Smash is an excellent drink to pair with a summer picnic or a cocktail you can enjoy in the garden.
We used The Dry Gin for this and it was so light and really nice to drink. Would be fab on a warm evening in the garden with friends.

Grilled Peach Julep

50 ml Highland Black 8 Year Old Whisky
6-8 mint leaves
15ml honey
1 peach
10ml fresh lemon juice
1)       Add the mint to the cocktail shaker and cover with the Highland Black 8 Year Old Whisky. Lightly muddle using a wooden spoon
2)       Add the honey to the cocktail shaker and stir until dissolved
3)       To make peach puree cut 1 peach in half and de-stone. Lightly grill the two halves until they begin to caramelise. Add to a blender until smooth and place in the fried to chill
4)       Add 25ml of peach puree and all the remaining ingredients and stir to ensure all the flavours are combined
5)       Pour into an ice-filled tall glass

Decoration / to serve
Serve with a large mint sprig.
Tasting notes
The Grilled Peach Julep is a great drink to have after a Sunday roast lamb. The caramelised homemade peach puree adds another depth of flavour to the smoky Whisky notes. The mint cuts through with a crisp and light refreshing finish.
We all thought this was so yummy and I am not normally a whisky drinker. Fab as an after dinner drink and one  I am sure we will drink again.


Prosecco Thyme

1 bottle Valdobbiadene Prosecco Spumante DOCG
2 large ripe plums
½ cup of white sugar
½ cup hot water
4 springs of fresh thyme
25ml fresh lemon juice

1.       Cut the plums into quarters and discard the stones
2.       Muddle the plums in a cocktail shaker
3.       To make thyme syrup add dissolve the white sugar in the hot water. Once dissolved add the thyme sprigs. Allow the mix to cool, and then strain before storing in the fridge until needed
4.       Add 25ml of thyme syrup and ice to the cocktail shaker
5.       Add the remaining lemon juice and shake hard
6.       Strain into a rocks glass filled with cubed ice and top with Prosecco

Decoration / to serve
Cut a fresh plum into wedges and place this into the glass. Strip a few leaves of fresh thyme and scatter over the drink.
Tasting notes
Prosecco Thyme is the perfect cocktail for a celebration, whether you’re toasting the Queen’s 90th birthday or just celebrating the first signs of spring. The cocktail is full of fresh seasonal flavours and zing.

This was so fresh and fruity and made me think of summer and relaxing in the sun,

Aldi has lots more ideas for your not only drink but meals so pop over to check them out.


Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Simply Sensitive and pure laundry powder

I have had allergy and skin issues for years, and they have got worse as  have got older. My granddaughter has had problems with milk since she was born and also her skin. I always use a non bio soap powder but I had the chance to try this product out. I had two types

Simply Sensitive Non Bio Soluble soft-tabs

I had a fairly large load and was no sure one tab would cope but I followed instructions and only used one. I was really happy when I got the washing out and found it was perfectly clean no issues at all. The clothes felt lovely and soft and I felt happy also that there were no residue to irritate or harm our skin. All the products are 100% biodegradable and not tested on animals either. 

Simply Pure Non-Bio

This my daughter used for my granddaughter and had the same results. A large load which came out clean and soft. She found after one wash the babies skin seemed less patchy and hopefully that will last. The doctor thinks she has eczema so this is wonderful as it has nothing harmful or chemicals.

I would say we both felt better after using these items and I will be interested to see if that continues. 
You can find out more about the company and these products at 

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product 

Friday, 11 March 2016

Monty Bojangles Easter Egg Review

This time of you young and old get excited about Easter Eggs! You can buy a bar of chocolate any day but nothing beats an Easter Egg.
I was sent some really yummy ones to try and also to try and set up an Easter Egg hunt with my grandchildren. I think they are a bit young this year to really enjoy the chocolate but I am sure the big kids will love them.
So let me tell you about the lovely Monty Bojangles Eggs:

Berry Bubbly Truffle

A totally yummy melt in the mouth milk chocolate truffle Easter egg sitting on individual truffles. Milk with Belgian milk . In a fab colourful box they cries out 'Eat Me'!

Choccy Scoffy Truffle

Another yummy milk chocolate egg, nice and hollow for that all important smash ! Nesting on top of individual truffles. Made with Belgian chocolate and cocoa dusted truffles. If you like your egg simple but full of chocolate yummy this is the egg for you.

Flutter Scotch Truffle

Yummy milk chocolate , hollow for smashing wonderful egg! Milk chocolate egg with a selection of flutter scotch cocoa dusted truffles . I have to say one of my faves as it has a lovely taste and the truffles were so worth breaking my diet!

Scrumple Nutty Truffle

A hollow milk chocolate egg which once again sits on a nest of scrumple nutty cocoa dusted truffles. Melt in the mouth !

I am sure the big kids will love their eggs and we went about having a great time on our hunt for other things for the little ones. First stop the store! Nathan was driving so I could relax.

We could not find the eggs here because The Easter Bunny had already bought them for us so we moved on. Where were they hiding lol

No still no Eggs!

Not here either!!

Then when we got home from all our egg hunting there they were! Sitting waiting to enjoy and we did. We all got to share the 

Taste Adventures Egg

Which includes 8 individually wrapped choccy scoffy, orange angelical, scrumple nutty, berry bubbly, cookie moon and flutter scotch truffles. So no fighting over who had what !

Pop over the the Monty Bojangles web site its brilliant with bright colours and lots of really cool information. Best still go and buy and eggs today they are yummy!! 

Please note I was not paid for this review only being provided with  a sample of the product