Monday, 29 June 2015


Well its Monday again and the week has flown! This time last week I was recovering from BritMumsLive lol
I was going through face book today and as it does, it came up with a Memory I had shared with someone.
It was of two naked teddy bears sunbathing and I had sent to my friend. I remembered how much she had liked it so all the smiles came back.

A few years ago my niece has started an on line slimming club. A few people joined and we got to know each other through the Internet .  Over the year I got to  know Lisa (or leese) I never got a chance to meet her sadly .She was very ill so mostly she stayed to bake and look after her children.
I knew Leese was really sick but she had always pulled through before . She so wanted  to get out and see the world whatever happened to her
Over years we discovered we had the same silly sense of humour ! We could both come up with a story line everyday. These story lines were very silly but it did make us both laugh.

Then last September at least I think it was September . I got a message to say she had passed away. I had only spoken to her a couple of days before,  sharing my new cake as I knew she would have loved it.. I was so socked and thought she could beat the system. She was such a fighter.

I so miss our funny banter we used to have for sure. How we would come up with all kinds of stuff.
I so miss sharing my cakes as you were always there to do that for fun.

I hope this is not too sad a post but I wanted to bring Lisa into focus again. I wanted to say no matter what she went through she never once lost her sense of humour and love of life. Yes I am sad she is no longer with us but I am happy I met her for sure.

Keep naked sunbathing 
Going Leese and see you in futre.
 xx Jill

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Lurpak Freestyle Food Truck Is Coming!

Lurpak's Freestyle Food Truck is coming to London this summer.

Lurpak will be offering Londoners free lunch for an entire month encouraging people to shake up their existing food routines.

Good food lovers will have the opportunity to taste Lurpak at its best with the arrival of its Freestyle Food Truck in London this month. Its purpose: to serve up a refreshingly exciting new range of top freestyle sandwiches and crostini style canapés to hungry lunchers absolutely FREE of charge.

Lurpak Foodtruck event dates and venues:
30 June at Paddington Central
1 July at Observation Point (Southbank)
7 July at Canary Wharf
8 July at Regents Place
14 July at Spitalfields Market
15 July at One New Change
16 July at Potters Fields
17 July at Chiswick Business Park

So if you are in London go along and try out some new ideas.

Also I was asked recently if I wanted to take part in the Go Freestyle Challenge to come up with a great sandwich using Lurpak products.  I was delighted to try as I really do love Lurpak butter and spray's.
I am the cake maker in the family and my husband Kevin is the cook really so I left it to him to come up with a great idea. The whole idea being we all tend to stick to the same sandwich and maybe it was time to think out of the box. So here is our challenge creation.

A Lurpak Jalapeño chili and three cheese bread, sandwich with sliced chicken breast,mozzarella,
avocado, spinach and rocket salad with a balsamic glaze, sea salt and cracked pepper.

I have to say I was worried it may have been too hot but it was fine and really tasted yummy. It made me think Goodbye to boring ham or cheese and taking this challenge means I am going to try out other things as well.
So challenge yourself today and come up with your sandwich . #Freestyle food

Please note I was not paid only receiving a sample of the product

Friday, 26 June 2015

Tetley Tea Review

Ok so I am teapot and proud to admit it ! I am a typical Brit and I love my cuppa in fact my day can't start until I have had at least 2. I hate strong tea but I still like it to taste of tea if you know what I mean.
I was asked to try out some new types of tea and a old favourite. So one of my best tea's is Tetley right from the days when the Tetley Tea folk appeared when I was little I have been a fan. Its a nice tea with a good flavour, it has not got that bite that some teas have and its smooth and tasty. Its easy to get a weak tea or strong depending on how long the bag is in.  Its not like cheap nasty tea where you have to stick about 20 bags in the teapot to get any tea flavour, so I really think you get more for your money

The next one I got to enjoy was Tetley blend collection mix of Original Tetley with Green Tea.
I was surprised at this one as it was not something I had seen before. Now I have heard about all the great things about green tea and how good for you it is meant to be. To be honest I have tried it neat so to speak and was not keen. Plus I missed my milk! So this blend is wonderful not only do you get all those health benefits you get to enjoy a proper cuppa. It tasted great and had no odd taste just a full flavourful cup of good tea. As you can see I enjoyed it in my favourite Christmas mug...... whoops I said Christmas sorry lol. You need to try this one out as it is a great cup of tea a really excellent idea.

Tetley have done lots of research and have found that 44% of Brits say they do not have time for a tea break!!!!! I am sorry but are you mad people! We all need a few mins to sit and relax and everyone can fit in time to enjoy a lovely cup of tea. You could even add a wee cake from Mr Kipling Angel slices ( pure heaven )  to soak up that lovely tea lol

So go and try out Tetley today and hope over to their web site.

Sign up to help bring back the tea break at Are you a #TeaMaker or a #TeaTaker?

Join the conversation @Tetley_teafolk.

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product . All opinion's are my own.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Real Times competition

Last weekend I had the great pleasure to go to BritMumsLive and meet lots of great people. One of the brands there was a company called Realtimes. Its so simple to download the app and you can use all your devices which is great. Realtimes chooses your best photos and videos and turns them into beautiful video montages.
You can then save them or share them with Friends and family.

Real times have a great contest . If you are feeling lucky there is time to enter our competition to win an amazing VIP safari experience for 8 to stay overnight in Port Lympne Animal Reserve's exclusive Livingstone cottage in Kent simply by sharing your  'Ultimate Family Moments' using RealTimes. If you go over to you can find out all the information. I am just learning how to use it and all the effects but I am loving it . Well worth getting if you love taking photo's.

Please not I was not paid for this post it is my own views only


My first video

Monday, 22 June 2015

BritMumsLive 2015

This time last year I was sat at home reading all the social media regarding the BritMumsLive event. It looked such a great thing to do and I was thinking maybe just maybe next year I would go. I even considered if I could get sponsorship to attend and was delighted when I found the lovely
Lifestorybank who said they would do just that. I had used Lifestorybank myself and thought it was such a great idea to be able to record and store your memories for the future.

So over the last year I have shared them with you and got more and more excited at the time slipped away.
I have also got to know lots of cyber friends who I was hoping to be able to meet at long last.
So this past weekend it was here it had arrived and myself and my daughter were off.
It was lovely she said she would come as it was so nice to have these memories to share.

This is natalie holding onto her coffee as she needed it lol. We were on the train to London and very excited.
After finding our hotel we walked along the road to the venue and waiting for them to open. Our first thing was an opening talk and then they moved on to so many interesting speakers it was mind blowing at times lol
There was some lovely brands also who were so interesting to chat to. I was lucky to meet up with two from Wild Card a company I work with. We all got very excited we were meeting  it was nice that they liked me lol.

Day two saw us up  bright and early and after breakfast the day started again. Lots of great talks and tea coffee and cake what more can you ask for. I try as much as I could to share my brand Lifestorybank to who ever I could. Like carol Smille it was a great place to promote your brand.
Then as quick as it started it was over and goodbyes were said and with a huge goodie bag we crashed on the train until we got home lol.

So goodbye Britmumslive 2015 it was a pleasure and once again huge thanks to Lifestorybank for helping me to go. I have loved talking about you this past year and I do hope you will stay in touch.
Thanks to all the cyber friends I had the pleasure to meet at last safe journey home until we meet again.