Sunday, 22 February 2015

Where I live

For most of my life I lived in a big city. In fact I was born in a place called Hackney which is in London. I lived in a flat/ apartment with my parents and brother. I was born at home and next to my mum's sewing machine lol which is why I am so creative who knows!
When I was little we moved out of London to a place called Dagenham. I guess it is most famous for being the place where they build Ford motor cars.
My mum had wanted to go further out into the countryside but as there were not houses on offer we ended up in Dagenham.
My mum always dreamed of living in the countryside again, as she had spend the war years as a Land Army girl. I grew up with her stories of farms and horses and crops and her passion for country living.
My dad was a proper townie and she did not manage to get him to the sticks until he retired. Sadly she did not get to enjoy it much as she passed away at 64 of cancer.
So it then became my passion and I longed to live in the countryside and see fields rather than houses.
So 16 yrs ago we thought we would make the move. The children were older and we felt the time was right. I wanted to go to a place called Maldon in Essex. A beautiful river town with lovely shops and places to walk. A place I had many wonderful holidays in as a child. Sadly it was so expensive and we found it was totally out of our range. This is a picture of Maldon just last week on a lovely Sunday walk.



My hubbie

So next on the list was a place called Burnham on Crouch and that is where we ended up. Our house faces open fields and it is joy to me every time I open the blinds to see the view. Its a small town but with the benefits of being rural but also on the river . So you get lovely boats to watch and walks to be had. I have been very happy here and although I am proud of my London roots I know I could never live in a big city again. I think I am so lucky to have been given the chance to live her and I thank my lucky stars daily. Its a fab place and you should visit the area if you ever get the chance. 
St Mary's Church just across from my house

The path across from my house

Burnham On Crouch

St Mary's Church

Hope you enjoyed my whistle stop tour of my home and see you next Monday!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Prompt:Dreams

So I thought I would start taking part in a link up called ~ The Prompt. I think its a great idea as often you are stumped to think of what to post. I key word can often just give you that starting push.
This time it is Dreams!
Like most children I had lots of dreams, some I did manage but some I did not like marrying Donny Osmond lol.
I had two huge dreams one was to be a singer and one was to be a nurse. I did get to be a nurse but I never finished my training which is something I have always been sorry about. Fate is a funny thing and later when I had my daughter  she went on to live both of my dreams. She is just about to start later this year her 2nd year of nurse training. She would have been in her last year but took a year out to have my granddaughter Grace last month. She is a great nurse and I have no doubt she will be wonderful for any team who is lucky to have her.
She is also a fantastic vocalist with the most wonderful powerful voice. Every time I hear her sing I am so proud of her. She truly is living my dream although I did not have even a tiny bit of her talent at all. I wish she could get further with her singing as I believe she should but it is a very hard business to get a break in.

I have put a  short video which I hope works ok so you can hear her for yourself.
So I may have missed out on a few dreams but if I may life again for the most I would not change a thing. I have a wonderful family husband, children and grandchildren and I have been lucky.
Love to hear your dreams and join in with The Prompt.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Happy weddings

So here we are on another Monday. As normal I love to link up with The Oliver's Madhouse as I think its so nice to count your blessing's once a week.
So this year I will have been married 35 years and I swear it just raced past lol. My hubbie was in the Royal Navy and we became penpals back in 1978. We wrote to each other for nearly a year and when he came home on leave end of 1978, he asked to meet me. My dad would not let me go out to meet him and made him come to the house lol. We hit it off straight away and by January 1979 we were engaged a whole 4 weeks after meeting! We got married on July 7th 1979 and it was a wonderful happy day.

We both come from good stock so to speak and both set of our parents had long happy marriages.
My parents got married during the war. My mum had been engaged to a Canadian Airman who had been killed. She had known my dad for ages as her cousin was his best Friend . So they started hanging out then my dad said he fancied a party, why not get married lol. I think they look so happy on their wedding day.

They were married 50 years before my mum passed away and I thank them for giving me the building blocks of a long marriage. So as we go into our 35 yr I am hoping for another 35 fingers crossed.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Detox and Diet with Review

 Its been soooo cold this week it was nice to get to try out some lovely fresh products. I love cereal so when I got a packet of Jordan's light Granola I was delighted .Brilliant barley, whole grain oats, tangy raspberries & awesome apples have now all become best friends in our delicious new Lighter Granola that has naturally 30% less fat*.
It taste's really yummy with big bit of fruit and even though it was lighter it was sweet and very nice. In fact I think I better hide the bag or I could eat the lot lol. You can find it in your supermarket or over at for lots more information.

Product number two was also a gift to me in more ones than one. Like most people this time of year I am trying to lose weight! I also have immune problems as well so the combo of the two always needs help. So I got to try a new tea by Tetleys . Their master blenders have cleverly blended their smooth green tea with crushed mango and pineapple and Vitamin C to deliver the perfect blend for when you need it most. Vitamin C helps support your immune system and is important for overall health.
It tasted great even for a milk tea drinker like myself, a nice fresh flavour which I think would be nice in the summer as a cold drink with maybe added fruit. There is a whole range to pick from and lots more information over at and they are available in the shops.

Now the last product I have to confess I could not have and it is  V 8 tomato drink. I have an allergy issue with tomatoes so Mr jollyjillys had to test this one out. He love's tomato juice and would drink it by the gallon if he could. He loved this one and said it was tasty and smooth and would go very nice with his vodka (he is not detoxing me thinks lol) or as a nice drink alone.
A few facts
 A delicious blend of 8 nutritious vegetable juices from concentrates.

The Original vegetable juice
It contains no artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives. There's no added sugar and it's naturally low in fat and a source of fibre.
Every carton of V8 contains 8 nutritious vegetable juices, packed full of flavour and juicy goodness.

Did you know?
Just one small glass (150ml) of V8 juice drink provides 1 of your 5 recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables

V8 juice, it's deliciously easy way to your 5 a day. So what are you waiting for?... drink up!

 Once again readily available in the shops or more information at

I hope you will go and try these products and good luck if you are detoxing or dieting like me!

Please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the products.