Wednesday, 16 February 2011

To band or not to band!

So thought it was time I shared my journey with you!
My weight has been an issue all my life, a constant struggle, a never ending puzzle .
In 1994 I was only 9st then a back injury and then arthritis
And before you can say "cheese burger" I'd put on 6st.
It had a knock on effect as my joint problems got worse and the weight didn't help.
I tried every diet in the book but got nowhere fast
I was sad and worn out and felt my life was going down the drain.
Then last July I had the chance to have a gastric band. After the op I was really unwell and questioned if it was the right thing to do.
Let me say that a band is by no shape or form an easy option
You still have to work very hard and for me it'd Been slow
So after 7 months I've lost 28 pounds which is ok, but wish it were more.
If anyone is thinking of it please ask me any details I'd be pleased to help.
This story is going to be awhile before it ends.. Watch this space!

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