Sunday, 6 March 2011

Family old and new

This weekend has been great! It started with a great show with daughter in law Karen, Lynne, barb and Katie. We laughed and had fun both with each other and at the fab cast of calendar girls.
Then on Sunday we had a flying visit from my son Matthew and
Karen and their sweet little dog Millie. It's always so nice to see them all.
Then my future son in law rob's parents Anne and Ian came to dinner. It has been so nice to get to know my children's partners families.
Just because our children love their chosen person, it does not mean the families will.
I'm so thankful that we do! Karen's parents George and Lynne
are great. We have had some good times and I hope many more to come.
Rob's parents Anne and Ian are also very nice and I hope over time , like Lynne and George will become good friends as time moves on.

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