Thursday, 24 March 2011

Handmade Thursday cuddle quilt

Over at the super White Lily Green its yet another handmade Thursday to have fun with.
My quilts are like me soft and cuddly! well thats the way I like to think of them. Some do not take long to make but can be so nice to give to someone you care for. I give away more quilts than I keep as I really enjoy doing that. Some take weeks to make but each one is made with care and love.
Inspire Me Beautiful


  1. Your quilts are amazing!

    I've just enrolled on a sewing course starting in May to try and overcome my fear of my sewing machine!! x

  2. Thanks i do love to sew. Hope your course is good, I could sew but I taught myself patchwork from a DVD !

  3. That is beautiful! wow!!

    Thanks so much for linking up xx


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