Wednesday, 2 March 2011

simple pleasure's

Over at Sticky Fingers the theme this week was simple pleasures. For me its my sewing and a nice cuppa.
I've been sewing all my life and making things for myself and others brings me total pleasure. Passing on my love to my daughter and seeing my niece Emma also sewing is a total joy. So tea and sewing my all time
Simple Pleasure.


  1. Now that is one very nice tea-cosy! Emma

  2. how lovely that you are passing on your love for sewing. I wish I had been willing to learn when I was younger. I really want to now but have no time :(

  3. It is nice to pass on skills. My mum was very talented and i am glad she helped me.
    I am totally weighed under bridesmaid dresses I am making!!! You can always make time to sew lol

  4. Thanks Emma one of my many makes


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