Saturday, 23 April 2011

My backyard

Its such a beautiful day in the south of the Uk today. It make you realise how lucky you are to live in a lovely area.
I am a Londoner by birth, and was brought up in a busy big town. My mother always wanted to live in the countryside but it was never really to be.
Then around 15 yrs ago we moved house to a small riverside town and I got the countryside dream mum always wanted.

Burnham is a small town but famous for its sailing. Its is surrounded by countryside of mostly crops but some animals as well. You can walk for miles near my home and if you are into wild life you have come to the right place. I love the countryside but I also love the river and the views from the quay side. This picture is from our Burnham on crouch web site, sadly I did not take it but its fantastic anyway
I would love to live more rural but sadly as i get older its not practical. I plan to get out in the next few weeks to take more pictures so you can see how fantastic my backyard yard.
The church is just across from my house and my daughter Natalie is getting married there this year, we can't wait to share a wonderful day with friends and family.
Hope you enjoyed my little tour of my town and I promise more pictures to come!


  1. Those are some beautiful pictures where you live. Thanks for sharing. Newest follower!!!

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  2. Thanks clayton more pictures to come I hope
    Nice to meet you!

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  4. Oh Wow! Thanks for sharing with us! Looks lovely. Thanks for joining the "Sit & Relax" hop! I'm following via GFC now! Hope to see you again next weekend!

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  6. Your home is truly beautiful - thank you for following me. I might not have found you, otherwise!

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  7. Beautiful Pictures!
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    Maureen :)

  8. Lovely pictures - stopping by to wish you a wonderful week!


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  10. Gorgeous pictures. I live on 15 acres which is surround by a ranch with close to 200 acres and I love the seclusion. But the drive to town is a real trek. I am following you from Sit and Relax Weeked Blog Hop. So hop on over to Mamaw's place and sit awhile.

  11. beautiful pictures oh to be there on a day like that

  12. Thank you all it will be interesting to pop in to see how different our worlds are
    I'm popping in to visit you all please come back often to see me x

  13. very nice pictures

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  14. I live not that far away from you - in Wickford. I love Burnham on Crouch, it's so beautiful there, and your pictures are lovely.

  15. Oh not far then lol love your Russian dolls on your blog. My daughter wants a Russian doll tatooded on her leg lol !!! Now following so will pop over often

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