Saturday, 14 May 2011

Be You Again Review

I am very excited as I have been asked to do my first review on my blog! I am nearly 53 and like many women of my age (those younger it will come to you !) I am going through menopause. When I was asked if I would like to review a new product for just that thing, I jumped at the chance.

The menopause is a significant change in women's lives. This invigorating blend of herbs, minerals and vitamins has been formulated to help nourish tired body's, providing a range of nutrients research has shown to be particularly important for women during this time. Taken daily as a supplement it helps the body's systems regains a natural equilibrium and maintain a balanced state of mind and mood.

Taken as two daily capsules with water. Can be taken on an empty stomach due to its food-sourced ingredients.
The pack comes as 60 easy to swallow vegetarian capsules. Suitable for those on a vegetable,vegan,coeliac and diabetic diet.
Price from is        1 x 60 £10.20
BeYou AgainSo I will be taking them over the next 60 days then I will come back to give you my honest review. I am looking forward to them being helpful as like many of us "women of a certain age" there are lots of not fun things that happen around Menopause.


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  9. I think this is such a great review. I know for me personally. I don't want to wait until that times comes and feel lost in what to do for my body. I think its important to be prepared on your options to help your body in the next stage of life be at its best. I look fwd to reading about it.

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    Thanks raven it's so true if we were all more prepared it would make life easier. I will try them over the next 60 days and then write more. So please come back often

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