Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Please don't make me make more bridesmaid dresses!!

Well today I was back at my sewing machine or should I say chained to my sewing machine!
Those of you who read my little blog and those who are new, I am making 7 yes I said 7 bridesmaid dresses. These are for my daughter Natalie who is getting married in September. I am sure that on the day if they turn out good I will be very proud but its a heck of a lot of work I can tell you. The pressure to get them right is huge and I feel I can't relax until they are done, even then I'm sure I will find bits that bug me lol.
So think of me dear readers chained like Cinderella to my machine day in day out, think I will be waiting for the Prince for awhile lol


  1. Cant wait to see what they look like.

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  3. fingers crossed they look ok lol
    nice to meet new friends

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  5. Hey just be grateful for the amazing sewing talent you've been given--- I would love to be able to have that sewing talent. LOL- nice pink though!

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  6. I like the color....but goodness, that sounds like a lot of work!

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  9. Thanks for stopping by today! Wow what a job you have seven dresses! Can't wait to see the finish product!

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  11. Thanks for comments everyone. Yes it is a lot of work and very stressful but its nice to do this for my daughter. I am very grateful to my mum for passing on the sewing talent!

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  13. i forgot to say that my mom is sewing my wedding dress as well ahaha!!

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  15. Hello Mrs Jolly from U.K

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    Sorry to be so late visiting you back. The thing is that I just check in my spams before cancelled them, and I found some comments there and your was in the middle.

    Well I'am discovering your blog now and I'm happy to see that you are a new blogger and a real courageous worker and mum.

    I'm sure all the bridesmaid dresses will be nice and elegant. As my father use to says no pain, no gain. Wish you well.

    I didn't publish new article since saturday, I'm working on growing my facebook page fans, but I'll surely be back to read your back.

    Wish you a good night from the cool night of french alpes


  16. Hi grace pleased to meet you andvery best of luck with facebook. I shall like you on there if I can find you.


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