Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Magpie Monday .. Table

Magpie Monday again and I must say I'm rather pleased with myself this week!
We just got some new sofas and we needed a coffee table for drinks and so on.
What with the upcoming wedding moneys tight, so I thought I would check out eBay.
Thinking of magpie Monday and finding a bargain I was on the hunt.
I lost out on a couple as I got outbid, then my eyes found a really nice one. It had no reserve so I waited my time.
By the end I was really wanting it and the money was low.
So I waited until the last 10 seconds and bid ! Well long story short I won and best thing I got it for £4.40!
Think you will agree I got a great deal!
pop over to Me and my shadow to see some more.



  1. Its lovely! Great bargain Jill! xxx

  2. Wow - now that is a super-cheap bargain!

  3. That is a good deal! What a great table. Is it one of those display ones where you can put items in the drawer and they display through the glass lid?

  4. Thanks em and Caroline
    And no missielizzie it's not a display on shame would have been cool

  5. Lucky you!

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  6. Hello thanks for co-hosting the Mingle hop. I am a new follower.
    Have a great week.

  7. Hi, i'm a new follower from mingle with us wow what a bargain :)


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