Monday, 13 June 2011

My weight loss story

My weight loss story has been long and hard. and if I thought about how many years I have spent worrying about weight I would think how stupid!
I was not an overweight child until i was about six when I started to gain , the doctors were confused as my family did not have a weight problem.
I have let my weight over shadow most of my life, and I wish I could just live but its hard to let go of a thing you have held onto for so long.

I have been slim in fact very slim when my son was small, I was that tiny my mother often used to say "please don't get that thin again" and she was right I never did.
In 1994 I was slim again and it was wonderful I felt great and able to do anything I wanted. Then a silly slip and I did damage to my back and then a fall and damage to a knee, and the weight slowly came on. I don't think I was eating much more but I had gone from fitness classes 7 days a week to little or nothing and I believe that's when things went from bad to worse.

Over the years since I have tried every diet in the book and then last July I went in and had a gastric band. I was so full of hope and sure by this summer I would be slim! Sadly not really happened as fast as I would have liked , although I am 28 pounds lighter its been very slow.
My joint problems have got much worse and its hard but I keep on trying. My niece told me to check out a blog called as they had a little group going called
Mumentum were you could chat about weight and any tips and so on. They are also running a blog hop for fellow slimmers to join in the fun.
I will keep on and take each day as it comes, today was a good day I stuck to my diet and got a wee bit of fitness so I know I can try again another day.

I may be fat but I am a person, I have a brain and feelings and a life!


  1. Your post has really touched me and I found myself crying into my fruit and yoghurt. So many of us have had similar experiences. I have just discovered MUMenTUM this week and think everyone is so lovely and we can all help motivate each other. xx

  2. oh dear dianne no crying into your yogurt it may add calories lol.
    Im jolly by name and nature lol its our year yes it is good luck xx

  3. I completely understand your weight struggles. I laugh at my body image from before I got pregnant, I thought I was fat and chunky, what I wouldn't do to have that body back! I can relate. I gained 82 lbs. while pregnant and I've lost 69 so far, but it's been a LONG battle and I'm still hoping to lost the last of it.

    Anyway, follow you back and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Hi Jill, Great post and I'm really glad to see you have joined in with Mumentum...I only discovered it a couple of weeks ago after reading a few posts and everyone is so lovely & supportive with lots of good tips and motivation xxx

  5. oh sweetheart, what a moving post. I think slowly but surely is the best way, i think it means you will be less likely to put it back on. Anything hydro related would be good exercise with your joints like an aqua size class maybe as it would take the strain off them a little. Do you see a physio for any of your injuries? It may be worth seeing if you could get some exercises that you could do, that would ensure no further damage is caused. I am so pleased you joined this group, because if you are after lovely ladies that are supportive you will have found it. x

  6. Hiya, welcome to Mumentum.

    Pleased to have you join us, I also have serious weight issues and they have been around a long time we will all get there slowly and surely.

    Mich x


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