Saturday, 11 June 2011

Trooping of the colour

Trooping of the colour is a Royal event held in London in June every year.
The Queen's birthday is in April but the trooping of the colour is held in June to mark her public birthday, and also in hopes of good weather.

They were all very lucky today as we have had some heavy rain, I am sure most people who attended in the lovely hats and suits were praying for dry weather!
The Queen who has just turned 85 looked wonderful as normal in a beautiful pale blue coat and hat , and was smiling and happy throughout.

I really did enjoy watching the soldiers and their matching, and you can't help wondering how they do it.
I know they started work toward it in April and watching today it really showed. The huge part of Trooping of the colour is this very technical matching, and I have to take my hat off to them today!
I guess for many young soldiers in the troops they were glad it was a cool day, as on a hot one they can lose as much as 6 pounds in sweat! Normally you see at least one or two fainting, but I think all was well today.
It does make you very proud when you see events like this, as I think the UK does it all so well. I would love to see it in person but the cost and crowds means sadly it was not to happen for me this year.

If you can see any highlights then do as what ever your opinion of the Royal family, it was a very colourful and clever event. I think they all did wonderful to remember everything under such stress.
And lastly it was nice to see Prince William riding his horse, wearing the same Red Irish Guards tunic with blue sash he wore for his wedding. He looked very proud and handsome on horseback for the first time at the Trooping of the colour.


  1. This is really interesting! And great pics! Thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. thanks kerri glad you had time to visit me, please come again

  3. Visiting from the hop! Happy to follow. Such great pictures!

  4. My dad took part in the trooping of the colour back when he was a young man. We have watched the old black and white footage trying to spot him but they do all look the same in their uniforms!

  5. Very cool! I used to live in the UK and always wished I could see that in person. Thanks for stopping by PAWS 4 THOR, I'm following back now :)

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  7. Qwerty mum how many my father in law was in the kings troop and also took part.minx hope you enjoy living in london which is where I was born

  8. Oh wow, how awesome! My husband has been to the UK many times and says it rains often there. I keep checking out the queens hat (I love it)...thanks for sharing this.

  9. I don't get back to London enough and I can't believe I missed the wedding! Thanks so much for posting! I am a new follower!

  10. Hi Jacqueline I don't go up to london much now, too busy for me lol
    and sabina yes it does rain a fair bit but it keeps it nice and green!


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