Thursday, 21 July 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday ...... Today is my babies birthday and she is 25! I swear I do not know where the years went. It only seems a second ago since she was born. I already had a darling son but it was wonderful to get a girl to complete the family.

Both my children are a joy and even if they are grown-up I still love them so much. When Natalie got older she was totally full of energy that we had no idea how to get rid off. I thought she would enjoy dancing but it was hard to find a school as she was only 3 yrs old. I did and her dancing began and I saw she had a .talent for it and she went on to win many many prizes.

Then at around 8 I found she could sing and I was amazed at how well, and  from there on she went to talent shows and was lucky enough to win some.
As she has grown up her voice just got better and better and I so wish someone would see that but maybe that will never happen. Listen and enjoy her !

In September she is marrying Robin and we are very pleased as she has had some hard times in recent years. He is a lovely young man and I really hope they will be very happy.
So today is Happy Birthday and even if she is 25 as my mother used to say

"You will always be my baby and I love you"

ps. Happy Birthday my darling niece Emma xx


  1. Lovely post Jill. Thanks for the Birthday message and Happy Birthday to Nat xxx

  2. Thanks em I will shes gone to pick up her ring
    have a fab day xx

  3. Happy Birthday to your baby! As a parent of two 22yr old's, I know how they will always be your baby no matter what age. Have a great day:)


  4. Thanks Madison I also have one who's 30 this year! Now that is scary lol

  5. Hi there - New follower from the hop -

    Your daughter is so blessed to have a beautiful singing voice - that's a talent I'd love to have!

    Happy for you and her for her upcoming nuptials!

    Nice meeting you-


  6. thanks linda we think so as well. I too wish i could sing like that lol
    very nice to meet you as well x

  7. What a beautiful daughter, and such a talent. And one of my most favorite songs. I hope she had a very happy birthday.

  8. thank you we think so too she had a lovely birthdat x

  9. Awww.... happy birthday to your "baby" girl :)
    I know what you mean about the years flying by. Two of my nine are adults already. How did that happen? If they are getting older, then that must mean that I am, too! LOL

    We have 3 July birthdays in our family - July birthdays rock!

    I'm a new follower from the Follow Friday 40 and Over bog hop! Have a great weekend!

    They All Call Me Mom

  10. hi new follow from hop hope you have time to stop by i also got you on twitter

  11. Newest follower from the blog hop! Please come follow me back

  12. Hello there, saw the you tube clip and your daughter has a brilliant voice. Hope she had a lovely birthday x

  13. Hello, thanks a lot for following me. And a belated happy b'day to your baby. Loved your post so much, and I looking forward for your posts.

  14. What a beautiful family! CONGRATULATIONS to all! Found you on the relax & surf hop. I am now following via GFC. Hope you will stop by to say hi!!



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