Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be cheerful is such a great thing to think about. I came across a blog called "Mummy from the heart" and this lovely idea of talking about your reasons to be cheerful!
What a great idea so I am having my first go and I hope you enjoys them.

1. My family

My family are my joy! I have enjoyed a long and happy marriage to Kevin for 32 years just last week. We were penfriends for a year while he was in the Royal Navy. We met in December 1978. got engaged in Jan 1979 and married in July 1979!!!! We had to over come a lot of bad feeling as many thought we were far too young, and we had not been together long enough. Many tears in the early times but over time people began to see we would be ok.
Then in 1981 our son Matthew came along! Oh what a joy he was to us, we wanted a family so much. I found it hard to get pregnant and thought I would never have children, so after two years  Matthew's arrival was a wonderful event. He is 30 this year and we are so proud of the fantastic young man he has become. I think I have a great close relationship with him and he is a so special I couldn't be without him.
Then in 1986 along came Natalie. She was my family complete one boy one girl. A very different person to Matthew, she was very out spoken and got me in to trouble more than once . However, I would not change her she is just as special as her brother and I love them both so much.
Natalie has the most wonderful voice and I am so proud when I hear her sing.
I'm also lucky to have 5 wonderful nephews and one niece and that is also  family reasons to be cheerful.

2. My sense of humour!

My second reason to be cheerful is my sense of humour. In the last couple of years but health has not been so good. I have very bad arthritis which is getting more wide spread as I get older. I am often in pain and if it were not for my happy sense of humour, I think I would get very depressed. I know I get told I talk to much, and for that I am sorry but no one can say that mostly I am not a happy person. I try to put on a brave front but its not always easy. So if you know someone who like me has a lot of pain, cut cut them some slack at times, as its not always their fault.

3. Blogging

My last reason to be cheerful is blogging! My niece over at Mama syder is a excellent blogger. She told me I should start and at first I thought she was mad. I had no idea why you would want to or what one would write. I did not think anyone would be interested in me or what I had to say.
I went along with her and after a false start got into it keenly earlier this year. I must say I have found things to say, and surprise surprise people to read it !!
I have just turned 53 so I am proud I have learnt a new skill and also how much fun it is. I have "met" so many nice new friends and meeting more each day.
So thank to those who bother to read my blog I really love to read your comments and visit all your blogs as well.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. What a nice post:) It is wonderful that you have a sense of humor inspite of life's trials. wishing you continued cheer!

    My Meddling Mind

  2. No wonder I like you so much. Your sunny disposition is so wonderful. You and I are so much alike. I try to see things differently than other people. You're the greatest. Can't wait til you come to America. Love ya Darian

  3. Thanks Madison
    And thanks darian I am so coming to see you my friend 2013 I'll be there xxx

  4. I also like reading your blogg Jill, and I have to tell you, I think Matt and Natalie are lucky to have a lovely Mum like you :)If I dont answer right away its because me and Darryll are off camping for 5 days in Cambridgeshire, I cant wait but think I will want my bed after a couple of nights hehe xxx

  5. Thanks Mandy nice you enjoy the blog
    Have a fab holiday xx

  6. Loved reading something so optimistic.

    Bella Vida by Letty
    Have a great day.

  7. Hello! I am your newest follower from the Blog Hop! Love your site...Hope you can come follow my page at http://www.ksquaredglamour.org/
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  8. Thank you both of you please come back soon x

  9. Thanks for commenting on Momfever. That makes me feel cheerful!

  10. nice to meet you momfever glad it made you smile

  11. Thank you for stopping by Locomotion of Expressions! Returning the favor! New follower!

  12. SO nice to meet you! After I post I will be your newest follower! Keep that sense of warmth and humor!

  13. Hi meryl how nice to meet you also please come back any time

  14. Hi there...thanks for visiting my blog and becoming my newest follower. :o)

  15. HI Jill,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and I'm your newest follower. Since I'm also new at blogging I had some of the same thoughts about who would want to read about my stories. I really enjoyed you post and your honesty. It is great that you have a positive outlook and the sense of humor, I think that keeps us from going crazy.I try to do that too.
    Diane @ Can do it MOM & on
    Twitter AKA Mouse Fan Diane

  16. WOW. 32 years of marriage?! That's a very long time. I'm not married yet, but I would love to maintain a happy, healthy marriage for as long as you. I wish you many more.

    Your blog is very fun, and interesting to read! Thanks for stopping by my blog too, btw.

  17. Hi thanks 32 yrs is a long time lol
    Thanks for your comments please come back often


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