Friday, 14 October 2011

Embarrassing Cinema

Embarrassing Cinema is a little story I would like to share with you today.
When I first met my husband was in the Royal Navy. He was based in Devon and before we lived there, I would often visit.
This particular day it was a bright sunny winter day. It was too cold to walk around, so we decided to visit the movies. We were all wrapped up against the cold in coats and hats, nice and cozy.

When we arrived the movie had already started and my husband wanted to get in straight away.
Kevin was wearing a very dark navy coat, so when we walked in I couldn't see him at all and he disappeared into the darkness.

Then I heard a voice a voice say "Ive found some seats!" from the blackness. So I followed the sound of his voice and stumbled along the row. At last I found him and run my hand up and down his leg, " I found you at last darling" I whispered in his ear.

Then a deep voice said " sorry love he's gone down there" and laughed.

Can you imagine my total embarrassment !!! I nearly died . He had gone past this man and sat down. To make matters worse the man was with his girlfriend.

I had given a strange man the experience of his day! So the moral of the story is if you don't want an embarrassing cinema moment,  don't wear dark clothes on a sunny day!!!


  1. Lol, at least it wasn't the girlfriend whose leg you grabbed. Just became a new follower..would love it if you could follow back.

  2. thanks minta you are so right lol welcome nice to meet you. Now following you also


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