Monday, 10 October 2011

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday is an idea I was thinking about. I would like to try to find someone or something that motivates me. For me today I two people who have and do motivate me. The first is without question My mum. I totally loved my mum, she was my world. Sadly she passed away 20 years ago, far too young. She had such a zest for life and had so many adventures , and she was also a wonderful story teller. She over came a great deal in her life but she was a proud strong woman. She was a proper Londoner, not well to do but good solid stock. When war broke out she wanted to go into the forces but was not allowed due to only being 16. So she lied about her age and got into the Land Army. When they found out they said she could join if she got her parents permission. They did and she spend a few years in a very hard, tough job. During this time she had masses of adventures and the stories go on and on

. As a child I was very close to her as she worked from home. My brother was 10 years older, so we spent a lot of time alone with my mum. When I was around 23 she found out she had skin cancer. Like everything else in life would stand tall and face it. For a long time it seemed like she had overcome it. Then she started feeling ill again.

 This time it was worse ....... she had two tumours on the brain. There was no operation or treatment, she had a year at the most. We didn't know where to turn, I was 28 with two young children. She was very sick and would cry because she wanted to hold my new baby but couldn't . I felt very alone as there was not anyone for me to talk to or share. I had to be strong for her and my dad. They told her she had a year to live but true to form she said that she would not give in to that. She did just that....... she lived for another 5 years and that was wonderful for us
. When she went It left a huge whole in my heart. She motivates me everyday to try and achieve things in my life. I hope she is up there watching and is proud of us.

 I would also like to give a mention to another special lady in my life. This lady and I have never met. We only know each other over the Internet, but she has touched my life and my heart. I was introduced to her by my niece Emma, as a friend of a friend. Over the months her funny upbeat messages, always make me laugh. Then I found out she was not well, and facing so much in her life. Everyday she has challenges most of us would crumble from. Even with all this she is still kind and funny and caring. I hope that one day we do meet but I know I will be a better person for having known her. She motivates me to do more with my life and not waste time, its never too late
. Lisa you know I'm thinking of you!
 Take time today to think about what motivates you. If its a person remember to thank them if you can, Time is so short it slips away in the blink of an eye!


  1. Awesome post JollyJilly. I am sorry that you lost your mother many years ago. It is wonderful that she lived such an amazing life and left such great memories for you. Cancer is such a terrible disease. I hope a cure will be found for it soon. Lisa also sounds like an amazing person. My best wishes to her. Take care and have a good week.

  2. Thanks Judy I do miss her but both ladies have brought so much to my life xxx

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  4. My dearest Jill. I had no clue about your own life story and was moved to tears by it. It is easy to get so wrapped up in your own trouble that you forget other people's. I know your post will have a positive effect on anybody that reads it as it certainly makes one more aware that others often suffer in silence, and just to be rememberd wether in life or death can be very uplifting! Also by the time i got to read about the second insperation in your life, i could not suppres the tears any longer and thay came streaming down my face. It should be me writting about you!! As you so rightly said, we have never met but have become firm friends. You have been a tower of strength for me over the past few months, you even sent me a "hug" !! You listen and you give me encouragement, you spur me on when i think i have nothing left to give and for that i ma forever greatful. Thank you Jill for being there, for being my friend, Lots and lots of love and best wishes, Leese! x x x x x x x x

  5. Ah thank you leese. Mums Bern gone a long a long time but I still miss her every day. As for you .... It's true every word lots love xx

  6. Uggh having trouble posting comments today ...
    let's try this again>>>

    Sorry haven't been around for a bit but been catching up on all our posts.

    What an incredible woman your mum was. I just recently saw the bbc series Land Girls and am awed by the fortitude of your mum to give up her teen years in such a way. You are so blessed to have been brought up by someonelike that. I know she is beaming with pride over your lovely post
    royal hugs
    Lady Bren

  7. Hi lady Bren nice to hear from you . Yes my mum was a very special lady that's why she motivates me all the timexx

  8. What a great message, Jill. With all the busyness of's easy to lose sight of what really matters. Sometimes we just need an inspirational reminder to be thankful. Thank you for that. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog....I'm already a follower of yours :)

  9. Thanks candice I'm glad you enjoy it

  10. I'm following you back!! Lovely blog!


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