Sunday, 16 October 2011

My week

My week this not very exciting so normal for me lol

MONDAY: Not much on the cards for today. Did enjoy look through the wedding pictures. There are so many, I will share later when they get sorted.

TUESDAY: I thought that i Will try and make huge efforts to improve my blog. I am such a novice that anything I can do to improve has got to be good.

WEDNESDAY: Not feeling great so another doctors appointment today. I am getting fed up now,
On the plus side I did go swimming today. It was nice to move with worry.
On the diet side I'm doing really bad and I am totally discussed with myself !

THURSDAY: Got to go to a craft class today. I really enjoy crafting, not just the making more the company. Lots of laughter and tea!

FRIDAY: Had a meeting today of a women's group I belong to, The National women's register. We are a discussion group, and we meet every 2 weeks. This week the subject was "Famous Elizabeth's" and it was really interesting. I was going swimming but put my back out so did not want to risk it. Diet was terrible again :-(

SATURDAY: No plans for today. Got a really annoying eye problem today ! It feels like I have something in my eye but I cant see a thing . Its driving me mad! So not really bothered with doing anything as this is such a nuisance . Also want to play with my cricut as I am working on cutting fabric with it, lots of useful stuff via you tube.

SUNDAY: Church today but this week its nice as I have company. My sister in law Karen is coming today as well, so it will be nice to have someone to sit with. I am ok with being on my own but also nice to have another person to sit with. They are friendy but I have not really had time to make friends as there is no time for conversation. Oh eye is better

Hope you were not bored to death by my week and see you next sunday.


  1. Ohh Jill how could you possibly bore anyone to death! I for one have enjoyed reading your blogg's! I think you have many interesting storys to tell and of corse life experiances. I think all of us could learn a lot from other peoples lives as a lot of us share some of the experiances with you. Keep going Jill, you are part of my daily fix!! x x x x x x

  2. Thank you lol I wish life was a more interesting but it's my life lol
    Keep reading x


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