Wednesday, 12 October 2011

News of the day .... No jail for child cage parents

News of the day.... No jail for child cage parents was a story I found on sky news.
A couple who nicknamed their little boy the "devil child" and kept him shut in a cage, have both received suspended jail sentences.

They regularly kept the two year old locked in a cage. Police discovered him locked inside covered in faeces after a tip off by a neighbour.

Can you believe they got just 200 hours unpaid work and a suspended jail sentence!!!!
The child is safe but in my opinion they got off light.Who knows what problems this little boy could be left with.
I think they should have served their jail sentence, and got help so they never do it again .
I do not understand how someone could hurt any child let alone their own child.
Personally I'd like to put them in jail and throw away the key !


  1. Simon Smith-Wilson12 October 2011 at 12:39

    That is really shocking. They should go to jail for doing something so cruel.

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  3. All I can say is wow. As whiney and cranky my little guy can get I cannot fathom how anyone could do something like that to their own child. They should be in jail, for sure. I really hope they don't get their child back.

  4. Sorry people but Jail is too good for them. Personaly (and i realy do feel very strongly about this) They should be given the same treatment they gave to him before being given a public hanging. Lets face it, these awful crimes against children are getting worse each time we here them. It seems as though the law just dont give a damn. xxxx


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