Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Personal book review

Personal book review today is another i recently had the pleasure to read.

 "Another Alice" by
Alice Peterson published by Macmillan publishing

The subject matter of this book would not at first sight, seem like a " good read". However, as you read more and more it is just that a really "good read"!

Alice Peterson is eighteen and unlike her friends who only care about boys and makeup, has her sights set higher. When she is at the height of her youth and with an extremely promising tennis career, she is  diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Total shock set in a the question "Isnt it just old people who get arthritis?"
Alice then had to learn to live a new life again, one filled with pain.

Yes the subject and story is at times heart breaking but it is also funny and up lifting.
Totally full of courage and hope, and how someone can come to terms with the loss and pain.
This is a true story and I found it hard to put down.
The inspiring story of one young woman's fight for normal life, was just wonderful.

A really good book for my personal review, I hope you get to read it.


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