Wednesday, 30 November 2011

what I want for Christmas

What I want for Christmas this year is......... I have no idea . There are things I would enjoy having but this year money is a bit tight with our daughters wedding only happening in September. I know I can't ask for much from my husband as he just doesn't have it this year.
Maybe we spend far too much at this time of the year. We run ourselves into the ground to get that special gift or spend far too much because we feel we have to. The whole world goes into panic  at the end of September and stores start playing Christmas music in October.

I do feel for parents of younger children as the pressure to get them what they want, but at what cost?
When I was young I always had nice gifts but I also got sweets and an orange, can you imagine giving a child today an orange!!! They would think you had gone mad.

So this year I would say I would love my family to be happy and safe.
I would wish them to have a healthy year and get to do everything they want to.
That would be my gift to me and I really hope everyone also gets just the same sort of gift.
Mind you I wouldn't say no to some nice chocolate!
Merry Christmas   and I would love to know  What I want for Christmas would say to you.    



  1. All sweet thoughts...all I really want is for my husband to find a job...he has been unemployed just too long!

  2. I wish that for you also Pam let's hope the new year brings just that xxx

  3. I was so interested to read your post. We hate the commercialism of Christmas in UK . We have seen so many families under pressure to provide for their children and putting themselves in debt for the rest of the year.For those on limited budgets it can be such a depressing time , the media is full of eating ,drinking and spending!

    We decided as a family many years ago to give small gifts to each other for an agreed amount each year , this year £12. We meet for a family meal and have a relaxing fun time enjoying each others company.Next year we will have two grandchildren!

    Jill x

  4. I have decided that next year I am boycotting Christmas spending and only doing hand-made gifts. This year I have already started buying and only have my girls left, so it's a little too late. I can't stand this pressure, though. I get so stressed at this time of year and finally figured out that the financial pressure is just overwhelming me. I hope you have a beautiful holiday surrounded with family and love. THAT is really what this season is supposed to be about.

  5. Jill and Karen you are so right. I love Christmas but I'm lucky to have wonderful children to be with. It shouldn't be about money but about love.
    A very happy Christmas xx


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