Thursday, 19 April 2012

Twinings White Tea Review

Twinings white tea review today as a little difference from my A to Z Challenge on my blog for you today.
I was asked to try this out and really as a big tea drinker, it was a pleasure to do. I have to admit I did not know about white tea, but found out that it is the young tea so very fresh .
I got mine at my normal supermarket and was pleased to find it was not over expensive, which for many these days is something to think about. I must say I was confused at first as to if I should milk or not, but maybe that's just me being old or something. I decided that plain was the way to go and really enjoyed my new type of cuppa. I think it would be nice and light and during the warmer summer, if you could make it and let it go cold. You could add lemon slices and maybe ice for a very nice drink.
I think as a tea drinker its often a type or brand you stick to and doing this has made me move out of my comfort zone. I already drink other Twining products so really I should not be surprised that I enjoyed, White tea.
So no pressure but give it a go and see if you enjoy it just as much.

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  1. My mom has been looking for white tea for a while, but she can never find any. I'll have to remember this tea brand . . .

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