Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Warner Bros Blogger's Day - London

I was invited along to Warner Brothers Bloggers Day in London.  I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who gave us our passes and directed us to the Warner Brothers Screening Lounge.  Here i was greeted by numerous TV screens showcasing some of the latest streaming technology.

My first stop was the Ninendo 3DS stand where i had the chance to play the game Green Lantern this was an enjoyable side scrolling game, with a great 3D effect.

Next to this was a life size model of Batman from the latest game Arkham City and I only wished this could of been a freebie to take home

I then browsed demos of both the Playstation 3 and Xbox360 that were separated by the giant penguin Happy Feet from Happy Feet 2

I was then shown a great new website called UltraViolet which is an online streaming service that you get free when you buy certain blu ray discs.  At the moment when you purchase a film with a digital copy you have to go via Itunes to download this to ypour devices. 

With Ultra Violet the concept is you buy your blu ray disc and your digital copy is a code that you enter via their website and that film is then available on your online account.  In the future you will then be able to watch that film via ipods, iphones, tablets, computers and ultra violet enabled TV’s.

This is a great free addition you get with all your films and this means you won’t have to trust the children with your precious blu ray discs.  This also means you are able to stream your films from anywhere with an internet connection.  Lovely for those weekends away when your stuck in doors in rainy weather.

From here we moved on to checking out some of the latest Ipad games including Lego Harry Potter 5-7 Years which is a funny retelling of the Harry Potter films using Lego characters.  This is incredibly engrossing and amazingly funny.

The next Ipad game was scribblenauts which is a clever game where you have to complete each level by creating tools to reach a star.  What makes this game so clever is that you can use anything to reach your goal by typing the name of the object you wish to use.  For example if the star was in the tree I could type the word ladder and a ladder would appear for me to use to climb the tree.  Anything is possible with this game as i found out when i created a grappling hook, helicopter and space ship to reach the goal.  Its engrossing for adults but could be an good tool for teaching children how to spell.

We were then shown a demonstration of blinkbox which is a cheap way of saving yourself having to go to the video shop.

The service allows you to stream some of the latest films from your games consoles, tablets and blink box enabled TV’s.

The quality was amazing, great buffering times and reasonable pricing.

We were then led into Warner Brothers Cinema screen to a welcoming demonstrator of the upcoming game Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heros.

Much like other Lego games this is a funny telling of Batman stories, the difference with this sequel is it features a wide range of DC characters from Superman, Green Lantern to the Batman Universe. 

As a first for Lego games all characters are voiced and the graphics are some of the nicest seen yet in a Lego game. 

Something to look forward to is the open world aspect demoed briefly.  Looking forward to seeing this around June-July and will make a great adults game which is also perfect for kids.

Thanks to Warner for a great day out!

Please note: we were not paid for the day but given a goodie bag when we left.

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