Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pinch punch first day of the month!

Pinch punch first day of the month! Its the first of May and pouring down with rain. So I am putting off my domestic duties to write a blog post, my first for this month.
Last month I took part in the A to Z challenge which I really enjoyed. At first I was unsure if I could cope with daily posts but I surprised myself by doing it fine.
My subject was one of my craft passions which is Patchwork and I set myself a task to find quilt blocks, with the letters A to Z.

I think the challenge taught me more about my hobby and its wonderful and colourful history. It also taught me more about blogging and trying to post more often.
I expect I am like many bloggers and novices like myself, the prompt to what or when to write often comes up.  I want to be clever and write things that people will think "wow" but I also want to write with honesty about my life. Now life for me is not all that earth shattering so I often wonder if I should bother. Then I get lovely comments and I think maybe I will just write one more post.
I was given a question yesterday as to why I blog.
I started at a prompt by my niece Emma who also has a blog. At first I was at a loss as to why someone would blog and went along with the idea, to make her happy. However, it soon became clear that I really enjoyed writing and I was hooked.
I really get a kick out of comments and seeing how many people take the time to read about my life.
I have also got to know through the Internet some delightful people from all over the world, which is so fantastic.
I hope I will keep writing that "one last post" for a while and I also hope that people keep sending me those wonderful comments.
Thanks world!

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  1. a lovely post and a lovely month


I am always delighted when people take time to leave me a comment...thanks so much