Thursday, 7 June 2012

Celebration .... 60 years in the making

Celebration .....60
years in the making is the fantastic event that we had over the weekend.
The weekend started wet and dull, but was it going to spoil peoples fun .... No.
I did feel sorry for those that camped out by the road, as it had been very cold during the night and damp. If you wanted the best view I think they thought it was worth it.
Over one million spectators were expected and I have no doubt that it was true. The weather was not a factor as it is something we are used to with outdoor events in Britain.
The scale of the celebrations has never been seen before, and someone I think we do so well.
The first event was the boat pageant with over 1,000 boats taking part, with all the boats having to be in place early and ready to go. I believe they were out on the water for around eight hours, in poor conditions.

This was the largest pageant since the 17th century  with people coming from all over Britain and the world.

The River Thames which gave life to London and was the stage for the days celebrations. The flotilla travelled along the route which was so big it would take at least three hours.
The Queen looked happy as she looked out, she was wearing a wonderful white coat and hat, and what impressed me is that she stood for the whole time.

She started her journey by being greeted by the wonderful Chelsea pensioners, looked so splendid in their red uniforms.

The other Royals also looked wonderful, for me I loved the Duch and Duchess of Cambridge( wills and Kate) as they seem to really enjoy the show

As the parade went on bells rang out all over the country. Wow is all I can say. The cheers the flags and the colour. The event finished at Tower Bridge where the bridge  was lifted in honour of the Queen and the Royal Philharmonic orchestra played and sang in the pouring rain.

Next saw the concert outside Buckingham Palace. What a fab line up and also funny. It was so great to watch  so many great acts  perform. It ended with a truly wonderful fire works display which was one of the best I have ever seen. Prince Charles also made a lovely speech about his mother which was very touching and sweet.

The weekend was topped off with a Church service at St. Paul's Cathedral and I really enjoyed watching all the invited guests arrive, and seeing what they were wearing. The Queen looked beautiful in a pale green coat and hat which had been made for the event. It was a little sad as Prince Philip was unwell in hospital so it must have been hard for her to carry on.

After the service later in the day we were treated once again to all the glory of the parade and then to finish off the crowds were allowed down to the gates of the Palace. What a sight as millions of people waving flags and cheering, a mass of colour and happy smiling faces.

I thought the whole weekend was wonderful and it really did make me so proud to be British.
Congratulation's to the Queen a wonderful celebration .. 60 years in the making.


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