Sunday, 29 July 2012

Silent Seconds

Silent seconds ..... what does this mean to you? I started going to my local church about a year ago. I was not really brought up to go to church but after going in the run up to my daughters wedding, really enjoyed it. Our local church is just across the road so even if I am not able to walk far, its easy to get to.
Today we had a guest vicar as our own was away on holiday. Father Lionel used to be at our church until her retired. I have to say what an interesting man he is, and what a very interesting life. I really enjoy hearing about his life and his adventures, it never fails to impress me.
Today he talked about how busy life is for most of us, and how we often forget to take time to be silent. I thought how true this was! We are all rushing around and wrapped up in stuff we must or have to do. In my house the T.V is always on and someone always needs my time.
He said that the silent times are often so powerful and peaceful at the same time. Find a few minutes to sit and be silent in a day, is so good for us all.
It really did make sense to me and I am going to try and switch of the T.V and the family, for a few mins everyday. I will think of those people that I don't see or can't see. how grateful I am for my lovely family and just for life in general.
So make time this week for a silent second because you are worth it.


  1. Thnx for liking the picture. I know you can't read my blog, so I added the google translate-service. Thnx for the idea. Nice blog you have, my compliments and I als enjoy the silence, with my knitting, crochet or quilting work. My hands don't like the silence...
    Greetings, Wieke (

  2. Thank you I really liked your blog and the translated words on your blog were great. My hands are not silent very often like you my sewing takes over.

  3. Thanks for the important reminder! Silent seconds are much needed. Beautiful post.


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