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Jane Plan Diet Review

Jane Plan Diet Review is the topic for the day. I am very lucky to be asked to try out this diet plan and I can't wait to get started. So I will start with the facts:

Jane Plan Info:
About Jane –
Jane Michell is a qualified nutritionist, with experience working at The Princess Grace Hospital and various weight loss clinics. She developed her love of food working at the BBC with household names such as Delia Smith and Rick Stein. Jane is known for her caring approach, non-judgemental attitude and her in-depth understanding of the issues faced by anyone wanting to lose weight.

About Jane Plan –
- How it works
At Jane Plan we create an individual weight loss plan exclusively designed for your needs and goals. Whether a client is looking to lose a stone before their wedding, or a few pounds before a holiday, we provide a diet containing the foods they love but that will allow them to lose the extra weight  - without compromising their lifestyle. Flexibility is essential - people often say they don’t have the time to diet, so we remove the stress of shopping, measuring and cooking and make sure all our meals are ready to eat in less than three minutes.
In the initial consultation with a nutritionist, we find out how much weight each client wants to lose, their reasons for doing so and a bit about their likes and dislikes and lifestyle. We then give them the option to either select their own meals from a menu or allow us to design a diet based on what they have told us.
Regardless of the plan’s length, whether it’s a week or three months, everybody receives a start-up phone call from Jane to explain how to follow their plan to optimise results and then a follow up phone call on a regular day of their choice to check how it’s going.
- The food
From salads to curries to casseroles, we offer a range of meals that are not only calorie and portion controlled, but taste delicious too. Our breakfasts are, where possible, made with local and organic ingredients, our lunches vary between soups and salads which can easily be transported and heated and our dinners are authentic and filling.

Jane Plan Full Menu:

Organic Gluten Free Muesli with goji berries and cranberries (WF) (DF) (V)
Organic Gluten free muesli (WF) (DF) (V)
Hazelnut Granola (WF) (DF) (V)
Walnut Granola (WF) (DF) (V)
Delux Muesli (DF) (V)
Pure Porridge Oats (WF) (DF) (V)

Leek and Potato Soup (W/F) (V)
Broccoli and Cheese Soup (W/R) (V)
Tomato and Basil Soup (W/F ) (V) (D/F)
Mushroom Soup with porcini (W/F) (V) (D/F)
Carrot and Coriander Soup (W/F) (V)
Pea and Mint Soup (W/F) (V)
Three bean salad (W/F) (D/F) ( V)
Wholegrain salad(D/F) ( V)
Couscous salad(D/F) ( V)
Wild Salmon and vegetable salad(D/F) (W/F)
Tuna pasta salad (D/F)
Vegetable pasta salad (DF)
Tuna salsa salad (W/F) (D/F)
Moroccan spicy salmon salad(D/F)
French tuna salad(D/F)
Mediterranean tuna salad (D/F)

Chilli Con Carne (W/F) D/F)
Beef and Mushroom Stroganoff (W/F)
Massaman  Beef Curry (W/F) (D/F)
Thai Chicken Curry with Coconut and Red Chillies (W/F) (D/F)
Chickpea and Cumin Cassoulet  (W/F) (V)
Chicken with Mascarpone and Tomatoes  (W/F)
Beef Ragu (W/F) (D/F)
Slow Cooked Lamb with Market Vegetables (W/F)
Chicken Tikka Masala (W/F) (D/F)
Three Bean Chilli  (W/F) (DF) (V)
Moroccan Chickpea(W/F) (DF) (V
Classic Mushroom Stroganoff (W/F) (V
Chicken Korma (W/F) (D/F)

The Italian Selection -
Classic Lasagna
Vegetable Lasagna (V)
Tuscan Chicken (DF)
Chicken Trentina with Mushrooms and Polenta (DF)
Chicken cooked in Rosemary with Potatoes  (DF)
Gnocchi Pomodore (DF) (V)
Fusilli Arrabiatta (DF) (V)
Fusilli Mediterranean (DF) (V)
Ricotta and Spinach Cannelloni (V)

The Indian Selection -
Chana Masala – Medium spicy chickpeas with fresh tomatoes, onions and peppers (D/F) (W/F) (V)
Matar Paneer -  Medium spicy dish of Indian cottage cheese and garden peas cooked with mild spices. (W/F) (V)
Aloo Saag – Mildly spicy potato and spinach with Indian spices (W/F) (V)
Vegetable Korma – Mildly spicy vegetables in a creamy sauce with nuts and Indian spices (W/F) (V)
Rajma Masala – Medium hot dish with kidney beans cooked in a tomato sauce. (W/F) (D/F) (V)
Cholle Masala - Mildly spicy chickpeas with onions, ginger, mango and pomegranate seeds  (D/F) (WF) (V)
Dilli Aloo – Medium spicy, marinated potato with tomatoes and ginger (D/F) (V)

Low GI Oatcakes – ginger, fruit & spice, mixed berries  (W/F) (D/F) (V)
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (D/F) (V)
Mini Lemon cookies (D/F) (V)
Savoury oatcakes – cheese, chilli or onion (W/F) (D/F) (V)
Gluten Free cookies (ask your consultant about our selection)

**The majority of our wheat free dishes are also gluten free. Let us know during your Consultation if you require a gluten free diet.

I think this all sound yum and I must say I was impressed by the selection of foods.
I started my diet by having a lovely phone call with Jane. She is a very nice lady and she asked me lots of questions about my eating habits and what I wanted out of the diet. She then went on the tell me what to expect and that I would get further phone calls as I went along.
So Tuesday is D day and I must say I'm very excited to get my parcel. I plan on keeping you posted when it arrives, so I can tell you all about it, and the food. I can say what it tastes like and so on.  Then I will post once I am half way through the week , then at the end of week one.

So wish me luck and if you want to check it out for yourself go to

Please note I have not been given a fee for this review just a sample of the product.


  1. This sounds fab good luck

  2. Looks like a great plan!!!! I can't wait to see how this goes for you! :)

    1. Thanks Danni come back soon and see how I'm doing

  3. Looks like an awesome food plan...I wish you the best on the journey!

    I am following you from the blog hop today. My blog is "Queen of the Bling...and Other Amazing Things"

    1. So far it tastes yum lol I'll update soon so come back!

  4. Those meals really do sound tasty, JollyJilly! Two colleagues of mines completed a plan very similar to this, and the weight dropped off them! Best of luck to you! :)

    1. Thanks catherine it is very nice and very tasty. So easy as well and thats a huge factor I think/

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  6. Please observe I have not been given a fee for this evaluation just a example of the item.

  7. Planned diet can help us to loose weight.


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