Sunday, 5 August 2012

RSPCA - packing a higher welfare picnic

RSPCA -packing a higher welfare picnic is my favourite subject today. Recently I decided to take the challenge of helping a charity via my blog.
I am just a regular blogger, and I thought it would be nice if I could help a charity.
I'm hoping to write about all kinds of subjects, but today it is the RSPCA .

This charity is close to my heart as I am a huge animal lover. The idea of a higher welfare picnic and freedom foods is new to me.
So some facts:-
Freedom food is the RSPCA'S farm assurance and food labelling scheme. It is the only  UK farm assurance scheme to focus solely on improving the welfare, of farm animals (

The RSPCA think that all animals, need and deserve a healthy happy life, even if they reared for food.
They should be given a place that keeps them well. Plenty of water, food and clean conditions. Also plenty of space to run around.
Today more and more people are looking for good food with higher welfare credentials. You can find freedom food labelled items in most major supermarkets such as Morrisons, waitrose, tesco and sainsburys.
You can also find out much more about freedom foods at the RSPCA web site. So leading on from this is packing a higher welfare picnic.
Ok I know you all will be shouting  at me about our summer! However, I am sure we will get some nice days to enjoy a picnic. And if all fails do what I used to do when my children were little.
If we couldn't   get out I would put a blanket in the living room  and we would have our food there on the floor ! They would think it such fun to have a picnic in the house.
I don't think you have to pack an expensive picnic . The RSPCA tells us to "keep it simple and animal  friendly "!
More and more people are making their own picnics. In fact the nations favourite picnic foods are, cold meats, sausage rolls, pork pies, scotch eggs, mini sausages, quiche Lorraine and Cornish pasties.
So the RSCPA have got together with supermarkets to help them give higher welfare party and picnic food.
If its hard for you to find freedom foods, even changing to free range, organic and outdoor bred would help. Did you know "900 million animals are farmed for meat in the UK every year" (RSCPA)
We as shoppers can do our bit to help, even these days when money is tight. We can could try to switch to freedom foods or free range. I know I shall try myself this week. So if you go to the RSPCA web site there are loads of fab recipes by Richard Johnson TV presenter and food writer.
I thought I would try the bacon and cheese quiche this week as it looks yummy.

For loads more fantastic recieps and information go to

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