Sunday, 21 October 2012

Accident Prone Sunday

Accident prone Sunday is a great name for this weekend. It started out good with my flu injection going painless and with little to no waiting so that made me smile. Later I went off to a craft class and I had lots of fun and laughing and chat, a great way to start a weekend.
I am having a stall at a Christmas event next month, so I have been busy making stuff. Its been very hard work as I am doing it all myself, but I am very proud of all the things that I have made.

So Sunday was wet and pouring down so I thought I would be bad and not go to church as make some more things. I was really doing well and then I thought I had a great idea. I would use my cuttle bug die cut/embossing machine to cut some felt. You have to put the plate on and your fabric or paper, and put it through the machine, by turning the handle. So I turned and at the point of most  stress my hand slipped and the handle shot back and clipped my finger. Boy did it hurt lol. Within the hour my finger had swelled up and was going a nice shade of purple.
It was such a pain ( very fun lol lol ) and I could not sew anymore and I was doing so good. The my arm were I had my flu jab started to hurt. Oh dear not a good day lol/

So on Monday I will attempt to stay safe lo, wish me luck


  1. hope you post pics! I love seeing works in progress.

    1. Thanks Sandra I will take some pictures and post them later


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