Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Food Breakfast Review

My food breakfast review is the topic of the day. I was recently lucky to be asked to try some new breakfast from the My Food company.
First a little about My Food.

MY Food, founded by Nas in 2004, are a happy team of people who are truly passionate about food & life!

Every day we focus on 5 simple things, we call them our 5 a Day:

be inspiring, be supportive, be healthy, be delicious, be proud

These positive affirmations help us to be our best and that in turn helps you to be your best!

We believe if you have an enjoyable and successful experience with MY Food you will come back and hopefully tell your family and friends about us too. This belief has helped us to grow over the past 8 years and to inspire our customers to live a healthier life; for a day, a week, a month or a lifetime :)

MY Food deliver results for both men and women and provide a delicious way of life. We have developed a range of healthy diet plans which are delivered nationwide to make healthy eating easy and convenient.

Our diet plans consist of a breakfast, lunch & dinner, which can help with weight loss, improve your sense of well-being and increase your energy levels.

Your diet plan will be delivered to your door in a chilled hamper with a menu detailing any storage or cooking instructions. Our experienced Customer Service team are on hand to offer advice and support, before, during and after your plan.

All diet plans are approved by a BANT registered nutritional therapist
We always use the best quality produce and we strive to ensure that your meals are full of flavour
Take a look at our testimonials or Why My Food to find out more
Before starting a plan please consult your General Practitioner if you have any medical conditions, allergies or have over two stones in weight to lose

Because we believe life is better, when you feel good!
MY Food, your fresh food diet delivery team would like you to join us on a healthy life journey and make this your year to be who you want to be!

You are in experienced hands, we have been delivering a delicious way of life for over 8 years and we know achieving your weight loss goal is easier with MY Food to help you. So, make a change and join us, we promise to deliver delicious, healthy food to inspire and support you, both inside and out.

To start your healthier life now select the MY Food Diet Plan that is right for you, allow yourself the time you need to get the results you desire and then relax and look forward to great food and feeling good!

So with a promise like that I was excited to get my delivery. When it arrived I was firstly impressed with the packing. All items were well packed and even came with a freezer pack to keep it cool. I have to be honest here and say I did think it was to drink lol. Thankfully my son in law stopped me before I did!

As I said I was being asked to try the breakfast and I had three to pick from. First was a really yummy Fig and orange flapjack. It tasted fantastic and was sticky and sweet and filled me up. Best part was it lasted till lunch time and I was not hungry once, which for me is great.

My next pick was the Tropical Paradise Muesli and I was just as impressed. It comes with its own measure so no guess work or scales needed. It was packed full of pineapple and banana chips to name but a few. The amount seemed tiny but it was very filling and once again I lasted until lunch.
I should add that I even  got a carton of soya milk in my parcel so I did not have to go out and buy it, so easy!

The last one that I had this week was a yummy Beautiful Banana Smoothie. Packed with loads of great stuff such as ginger,lemon and yogurt and mixed with your milk, it made a nice start to the day. I don't think it was a filling as the others but it was still nice, and it did make a change from cereal.

I was very impressed with the My Food Breakfasts , I found it easy to use and everything at hand so taking out all the work. I Would love to try others in the range such as main meals and lunches, as I am sure they would be just as nice.
I know it can be costly to buy this type of programme but how much is spent on other diet items, such a books or club memberships. Everything is done for you and everything is provided. I would think it would be great for anyone, why not check it out for yourself. Click on the link below to go straight to the web site.

please note I was not paid for this review only getting the products to try.


  1. Sounds very nice, just a shame we cant get it over here (or can we)? So then, spill the beans, how much would this cost a week Jill? Enjoyed reading it very much....................Lisa x x x

    1. Hi Lisa why not go to my foods web site all the info re costs and where they can deliver is on there . All I can say not cheap but yummy, filling and everything worked out and provided !
      I loved the breakfasts ummm yummy

  2. The breakfasts sound so yummy! I struggle with eating breakfast....nothing ever sounds very good plus I steer towards non sweet things which usually means eggs....but with high cholesterol eggs aren't a good idea. Maybe after the kids are out of the house I can do something like this-- right now it is hard just keeping some food in the house to keep them satisfied!

    I am returning the favor since you were so kind to visit my blog and follow-- country living on a hill! Now I am your newest follower. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kerry how nice to meet you. I know what you mean breakfast can get boring at times . These were far from that and rather yummy

  3. Sounds great, will have a look into this one

    1. Hi pam yes please do the site is very helpful and the food yummy

  4. Sounds really nice

  5. Hi

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog.

    Food, glorious food. I admit breakfast for me is a bit of a shocker sometimes (I have a sweet tooth).

    I don't like cereal, if I'm desperate I'll eat some porridge and the banana smoothie you mentioned sounds like a good option.

    I'm pleased to now be following you.

    1. Hi Michelle yes it was lovely food lol. The smoothie was really nice . Thanks for visiting please come back

  6. Thanks for sharing this in your blog never heard of it before and tried so many will have a look,

    1. My pleasure Karen . I hope you look at the web site and think it would be helpful

  7. Interesting concept and sounds yummy,,,


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