Monday, 10 December 2012

Bridesmaid and stuff

This is a picture of my bridesmaid on my wedding day. I think even if it was 1979 the dresses still hold up. I spent ages looking and found these in a large department store.I thought I would have my chief bridesmaid in a another colour and the younger ones in pink. Now I think I would have them all the same but I think it sort of works.
The people are Lucy (husband cousins daughter), Sam (my nephew), Emma (my niece) and Carole my friend.
I remember taking Emma and Lucy to get their shoes which came from a very fancy store. They were so excited and Lucy always tells me how much she loved those shoes lol.
I think they all look lovely and it only seems a second ago, but in fact it will be 34 years in July.
I have been lucky and had 34 years of happy marriage and love. I hope I have at least 34 years left to enjoy it some more.


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    1. thanks Adriana I have a hard job believing all those years have flown past lol


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