Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ranking systems

Ranking systems are you in one or not? Do you think they are they are great or not ? When I first started blogging 3 yrs ago it was not high on my to do list. I was far too busy trying to learn about writing a blog and not upsetting anyone lol.

Then has time went on I thought I would apply. As the months went by I found myself waiting for the rankings to come out to see where I was. I was excited to see if I climbed or depressed if I didn't . I found it really made my month if I had moved up a few places and it gave me the push to carry on. As  a new blogger I had a lot of help from my niece Emma but for the last 2yrs I am self taught. I write from my heart and everything is from my life. You always hope someone out there is reading it , but you are never sure.

So when you place on a rankings list it really does make you feel good. I love the feeling that I am writing stuff that someone enjoys reading. I do also feel I have learnt more as there is so information from sites like Tots 100 that you can teach yourself with no problem.

Don't get me wrong I have made mistakes along the way, and I am very sure I will make more in the future. I will stay in the system but I will as always blog for me and any kind people who like to read. I will try to be excited by my rank but not driven by it.

I would love your opinion on Ranking systems

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  1. I think they have a place but as you said it should not be the only thing people think about


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