Friday, 26 April 2013

Special k 30 Linky Challenge

How Ive changed Linky special

Special K30 Linky Challenge is something I was asked to take part in. I got to try a free box of the new recipe Special K cereal as well, so I was a very happy bunny.

I have had Special K over the last 30 years and its always been very tasty. This new recipe was yummy and I have to admit I did not restrict myself to breakfast! It was sweet but not too sweet and you felt like you was getting fibre without it being dry and nasty.
Part of the #Special k 30 Challenge was to also say how I think I have changed over the last 30 years.
Well I have got a lot older! That is for sure lol. Thirty 30 years ago I was 25. I had a young son of two and a happy marriage. I had lots of hope and dreams and plans of what was to come. I was also slim and fit and no health problems so I was very lucky.
Both my parents were alive and I got to talk to my mum everyday

Our Wedding Day 34 years ago

Over the 30 years my health has changed a great deal. I have very bad arthritis and lots of other problems that are getting worse. My weight has gone up and up and the days of past when I could go to fitness classes everyday of the week, have long gone. I try to stay positive and most of the time I do just that.
I am still with the man I fell in love with in 1978 and we have two beautiful children who are now 26 and 32.
Do I miss the shoulder pads ....... Yes
Do I miss my nice slim body....... Yes
Do I miss my children being small and wanting a  cuddle .... Yes

Saying that I am happy and lucky. Ok life may not have given that big house I dreamed of or lots of money. It gave me a lovely family and a happy home.
Love to hear all about your last ..... years.

This is my entry for Britmums/special k"How I've Changed Linky Challenge"


  1. We can miss our younger selves and the little kids who used to snuggle, but we'd never want them to be stuck there. We also celebrate growth and each new stage.

    1. So true Mary but they were sweet times

  2. You got me at missing your kids being small and wanting a cuddle!

  3. Lovely post. Brought a tear to my eye. Kate commenting on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for your entry.

  4. What a gorgeous family photo - and what a gorgeous family


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