Monday, 14 October 2013

Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday for me this week is my daughter Natalie. Both of us have suffered over the years from weight issues.  It reminded me of times when she was younger as they were discussing on T.V today , as to if parents should tell their child they are fat. There was also a really unpleasant woman who said that behind every fat child is a fat parent. I am sorry but that is not always true! Yes in my case I have ( still have) weight issues but I did not make my child overweight. My son and daughter were raised the same way eating the same food. She had weight issues and Matthew did not! In my own case I had weight issues, my parents and brother did not??

I would try to help Natalie but never told her she was fat to her face, I wouldn't make my child feel bad by doing that. Over the years Natalie's weight went up when she stopped dancing and no matter what she tried the weight went up and up. I was worried for her health and also she had so much she wanted to do, and it was holding her back. She has a fab voice and her weight held her back from this also from really getting on with her career.

Natalie at a friends wedding last year

So last year she took the big decision to have a gastric bypass operation. It was expensive but she felt she had no choice as everything else had failed. The end of last year the operation was done and now to date she has lost 12st  (168 pounds)! She looks totally wonderful and the confidence it has given her is huge. She decided to become a nurse and against all odd got into nursing school. She would never have been able to do that when she was bigger.

Natalie today.

I am so very proud of her and even though I loved her before I think she looks so beautiful now. I think her singing will be even better and also think she will make the best nurse ever. I only hope I could copy her and loss lots of weight as well.
Well done Natalie you are my motivation for Monday. xxx


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