Monday, 18 November 2013

Happy Birthday Kevin

Today Monday 18th November is my husband Kevin's 56th birthday. I have been with Kevin since I was 20 and even though there have been many times over the years when I could have killed him, I still love him.
We were penpals when he was in the Royal Navy. I wrote to him for nearly a year and at the end he came home on leave and asked to meet me.

We hit it off straight away and within a month we were engaged and married not many months later. We had some problems with people telling us we were too young, but we didn't listen. Those early years were wonderful and hard. I had never lived alone and was very close to my mum. I moved miles and miles away and we did not even have a telephone of any kind. I was very lonely and my mum asked me to move home. I wanted to stay and make a home for Kevin and me and I wanted to be a wife.

Over the years things have changed and i know we have changed as people. The two children came along and I am so grateful for them both. They have grown in to lovely adults and I love them so much.
Every time we have an anniversary I want to tell the world  "see it did work" and prove I still love him.
I think love changes as you get older and sometimes I wish my little 21 year old would come back lol.
So I want to use my blog to wish Kevin a very happy 56th birthday and tell him how grateful I am for everything he does me myself and the kids

Have a great happy day and I will love you Always and Forever.


  1. Happy Birthday, Kevin & Congratulations, Jill! It sounds like you made the right choice many years ago : ) Here's to many more wonderful years together!


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