Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Kitchen Adventures part 4

Kitchen update today and things are moving on at a pace now. I do feel sorry for my hubbie as he is doing it himself and there is not much a can do. I can follow him around with a dust pan and brush lol.
All the cupboards are in but not all the doors on as yet or handles. I do have a couple of doors on and drawers. I think its looking great

I still have all the handles to go on but I think you can see its starting to look really great.

We still have to sort out a new oven as if you read earlier posts you will see I had my new one explode lol. We are really hoping to get one before Christmas or it will be take out for dinner lol.
I really love the floor I think the colour is beautiful and matches the worktops really nice. I think it will look modern but warm also. So come back next week and I hope I have tile and handles.

Sorry about the blue bit that's a protective cover to keep the floor clean.
think you get the idea on colour 

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