Monday, 25 November 2013

More Than Just Friends

When my daughter Natalie turned five, she asked for a party. We had a small house and not much space, but I said ok. I had to limit numbers and then after school one day, she hit me with it!
"Please mummy can I ask Lindsey", flashing those big blue eyes at me. I thought oh no can I squeeze in another child, and also where does she live. That was because I was thinking I would have to walk miles to take her home lol.
Natalie took me to our front window and pointed at a house just across from our house , and told me that she lived there. So along came Lindsey and later that afternoon her mum collected her, we said hello and so on and off she went.
On the school walk the next day Natalie asked if we could walk with Lindsey and her mum, which we did. Not only did the girls become friends but also sue Lindsey's mum and myself.
Sue has four girls and I would consider them all part of my family, they have grown up into lovely people and their children as well.

My youngest God daughter Kimberley
So you can imagine I was very proud to be asked to be Lindsey's little girl Kimberly's godmother.
So the big day arrived and we were up bright and early as my husband was cooking all the food. I had made the cake and it was all ready to go. We had a mad dash to the hall to lay out the food then off to the church.
It was a nice service and soon we were going back for a well earned lunch. Everyone loved my cake so I was pleased as I wanted it to be special.

I think my daughter was having just a bit too much fun on the kiddies play toys lol

So I want to say how nice it was to see all the girls and my best friend and I should finish with a picture of the two who started it all.



  1. Kimberley is adorable & what a great story of friendship. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures & your cake is gorgeous.
    Have a great day,

  2. I should say it was also Lindsey's cute little boys christening as well. Thanks Lisa is lovely and I think the world of them all xx

  3. What a sweet story. I love these feel good posts.
    I found you from the climb and I can't wait to follow you :)

  4. awww what a beautiful story thank you for sharing and linking up with #MagicMoments xxx


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