Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Gallery :November

This looks like a December picture but it is in fact November. I thought I would  have a go at a stall at a Christmas's market. So I sewed and sewed for months . Everything on the stall was made by me and boy it was hard work to make that much stuff. On the day I was rather nervous because I was worried my things would look too home made next to other peoples things. I did not have to worry at all because my things got lots of attention and people loved it/

It was very hard work and very cold, and if my wonderful children Matthew and Natalie , daughter in law Karen ( in the picture) and hubbie Kevin, I could not have done it. I may not do it again lol but it was a lovely fun day


  1. It all looks great Jill but I can see why you wouldn't want t do it again it must have been exhausting!

    1. Oooo yes in fact I can't even look at my sewing machine Lou lol xxx

  2. Wow! That is really impressive!


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