Tuesday, 17 December 2013

My Sailor Boy

Like everyone at this time of year I have been cleaning!! I have had lots of work done in the house and while that was going on, stuff got put everywhere. So I thought I would start by cleaning my bedroom. I came across some photo albums , and I was then transported to the past lol.

I was a fairly shy teenager. I had weight issues all my life and it messed with  my self confidence, and still does today. I didn't do all the normal going out or parties and no boy friends at all. I used to think if only a boy would talk to me, they would find out I am fun.
Then when I was 19 I bought our local paper for my mum. I was reading through and came across a picture of a young sailor. It said it was a local boy and at the time was  overseas with the Royal Navy. He was asking for penpals from his home town as it was nice to keep up with home.

So I thought I would write to him as I really enjoyed penpals all my life. I was delighted when he wrote back and it began a nearly year of letters. I loved to hear about his adventures and seeing pictures of his life. We really got on through writing and loved to chat and laugh about things. He sent me pictures and I liked what I those showed lol. He was so cute with the biggest brown eyes I ever saw.

So later that year in December 1978 his ship came home and he asked if I would like to meet him. I was excited as I really liked him . My dad wasn't so happy and insisted he came to the house so we could check him out lol. He arrived in his uniform and wow I was happy he was totally handsome and we hit it off straight away. Not very long after he told me he loved me and I remember telling my mum and being so happy.
Then in January 1979 he asked me to marry him and I said yes . It was very hard as people did not think we should get married so soon. We were very young 21 and 20 but we knew we were in love. I married him on the 7th July 1979 and it was a wonderful happy day. He was such a wonderful caring husband and would do anything to please me and make me happy. Those early days were hard at time, but we were blissfully happy.

Many many years have gone past in fact this December its 35 years! We are still together proving that a young love can last. I think we are very different people now and not always in a good way , as we all change so much as we get older.
I still love him but I do wish I could have that sweet little boy back at times lol
Happy Christmas Sailor boy


  1. Aww lovely post. I remember when you used to write to kevin and how excited we all were for your wedding xxx

    1. Thanks em old pictures light up your memories don't they! Xxx

    2. Thanks em old pictures light up your memories don't they! Xxx


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