Saturday, 25 January 2014

Linda Beauty Visit

This Christmas my lovely daughter in law Karen, gave myself and her mother a fab gift. We had a trip to a beauty therapist to get whatever we wanted. I wasn't sure what I'd be able to get but settled in a manicure and gel paint.

It was a fair drive from where we live plus we had major storms which made driving hard.
When we arrived it was within a gym. The gym was for ladies only and I was impressed with their set up.
Our therapist and owner Linda introduced herself, and got us to fill out forms. I'm having lots of work done at home so the letter to say what I had been given had gone missing. Frantic searching before leaving resulted in stress lol. I hoped as my fellow beauty traveller had hers all would be fine.

This resulted in a fairly stress filled  half hour making phone calls , which did spoil the experience somewhat. I guess that was my own fault!
When it was my turn Linda started my manicure , a very nice lady to chat to. I would have liked a bit more in the manicure but was looking forward my gel paint. I have very weak nails so I'm hoping the gel will add strength .
It took lots of layers to build up the set. Linda said they should last 10- a month.
They did look fab when finished

So far they have not chipped and I'm hoping for the first time to get nice nails.  Linda offers a whole range of treatments at:

Apart from the stressful start I had a nice time and it was great to spend time doing a "me" thing! So thank you Karen for the gift and  Linda for the nails.


  1. They look lovely. Glad you got to pamper yourself a little. :-)

  2. Thanks Lisa I did and my nails still ok xxx


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