Tuesday, 28 January 2014

London ...... A place to visit

I would thinking today what I should blog about and then I my mind went off and thought about life in  general. I am a Londoner by birth and my whole family come from all over the London area, I moved out when I was little but grew up hearing my mothers stories of London life.

Millions of people come to visit London and see the sight, of which there are many. In general I think we have some wonderful places to see. Like most big towns its not cheap but you can avoid spending a fortune if you are careful.

First things first lets start when you arrive in town. You are walking around and enjoying  the vibe and you feel like you need a snack . Do not and I say Do not buy from the sweet stands, they are normal outside attractions or stations. They change the earth and can spot a tourist a mile away. Better to find a quick food store where stuff will be much cheaper. Better still if you are staying a little outside of London get it there and bring it with you.

Keep a tight hold on your bags and don't flash the cash! I think in general its very safe but you never know who can be watching and I think its a applicable to any country your visit.
When going to some places if you can pre book tours to certain areas , then get in early when you first arrive. It could save you some waiting time if you do. If they offer a free tour or audio machines then take it, so much interesting information gets missed if you go it alone.

Hampton Court Place

Inside Hampton court

Throne Room

Get a good map and plan your daily route it will save you so much time if you plan it out. Try and avoid the train from about 8am-9.30 and from abut 5pm-7 as this is rush hour and the trains can get really packed.
There is also stuff you can do for free and a little research will help with this as well.
In the summer the train can get very very warm so lots of thin layers are better.

I love lots of places in London but I have to say my fave is The Tower of London and all its secrets and wonderful furnishings. my fave is clothes I love to see old clothing , I know I don't mean mine lol  lol
So I hope if you are planning a visit to London you have a great time. There is so much to see it would take 100's of blog post to mention them all, but they are all well worth at least one visit.


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