Saturday, 8 February 2014

Blog Blues

Blog Blues or a Blog slump .......... That's how I have felt this week. I work hard at my blog and try to be polite and comment on others good work. I join in link ups and if asked offer advice but I never seem to climb up any ranking systems at all. I agree that I started this blogging journey for my own pleasure. I never in a million years ever thought anyone would read it. So when I get comments from people from all over the world I am totally amazed. I have "met" some lovely people and had great chats which is so nice.

I would like to be a better blogger, as it is my nature to want to learn even at 55. I do try to enter into as much as I can in the blogging world and for most of the time I have fun.
I know it is rather silly but I love to see if I have climbed up a little on the blog ranks, as it makes be feel like
I got a pat on the head for a good job.

So when you have spent a whole month trying to post regular, taking part in link ups, and endlessly making comments on other peoples blogs , to find out you dropped again!!!!!!! Grrrrr
I have to admit I do think why bother? Are people finding this little blog boring? I'm I losing the plot?
How stupid am I lol! No don't answer that question!!

I will pick myself up and dust myself off and start all over again! Just as the song said I will keep going and try and remember I write for me. Not for the faceless rankings that only judge on numbers. I write from my life and my heart.

Ok rant over lol Happy weekend xx


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    1. Ah thanks Carla you have been reading my stuff for over 40 years now lol

  2. I love reading your blog Jill, and I blog myself, but I have never read anywhere or anything about league tables or ranking for blogs, and I dont care anyway, I write for me, and I couldn't give a toss if no-one reads it. Dont bother checking the ranks, just enjoy what you do, there's plenty of us out here who enjoy reading what you write, please dont stop. Joy x x

    1. Thanks joy I hear what your saying and know you are right. You just wonder at times what they look at lol. And no I'm not stopping lol x

  3. I love your blog, Jill! I do not know what my blog ranking is, but I agree with does not matter. Enjoy what you are doing and know that there are some of us that read it, enjoy it, and care. :-)
    Have a good weekend!


    1. Thank you Lisa I'm glad you enjoy my silly writing . I do love it but it would be nice sometimes to climb up lol
      You have a great weekend 2 xxx

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I was doing the same thing, for months I took part in everything I could, posted on other blogs, joined in etc etc but there never seemed to be any climb in rankings. In the end I decided to stop putting pressure on myself and just enjoy posting :)
    I enjoy reading your blog, I may not comment very often but I do read it regular :)

    1. Ah thanks Linda it is comment like yours and those above that make it worth it! I do wonder how they come up with these rank scores at times! Xx


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