Monday, 3 February 2014

David Cakes Course

As you all know I am really into cake decorating these past few years. More important I have found a love and passion for Royal Icing. I am not saying I am expert at it but I am learning,  We cover it on my college course but I really wanted to do a more in depth course. I put Royal icing into google and up popped a company called David Cakes International School of cake decorating Art and Design in Liverpool England.

I was totally amazed at his cakes and his style and was so excited to be able to get to one of his courses. Liverpool is a long drive over 5 hrs from home, so it was something I thought I wouldn't get to do. So I was so happy when my husband said he would buy me a day for Christmas. There were lots to pick from but knowing my Royal icing love, I think you can guess I went with that.
I was a little nervous but I need not have worried at all, David and Ed who run the classes were delightful. Such a kind  gentlemen it really made you feel relaxed and happy.

We started by hearing where everyone was from and we had people from all over but the lady from Hong Kong was the one that was a long way from home . We then moved on to talk about Royal icing and how to mix for what you need. At each stage we got the chance to see what to look for, when mixing.

I found this really helpful and it is hard at times to know if you have mixed it right for what you need. Before we all went to start our icing I took my chance to get a picture with the man himself , David.

We then got to do our own cakes and every second David and  Ed were there to help or offer anything you needed. Everything was done to make sure you got the best from the day  and more important to be happy and relaxed. I think I really learnt a huge amount, I felt full of confidence and as I learnt more and more. David is a totally wonderful artist and the skill in his work is huge. I was totally in love with his cakes and I would like to share but I feel unless David said yes I would not put it on the blog as I know how careful he has to be., but you will find some pictures of his work on his web site.
If you can get to Liverpool when David is around and you love to cake decorate I'd say get there ASAP.

I can honestly say it was the best day I have had in a long time and I really need to save so I can go again. So If David and Ed read this I would  like to say a huge huge thanks. It truly was my best ever day and I am going to save like mad for my next one. I am ending with my cake

David Cakes cake decorating classes courses
David Cakes International School of Cake Decorating Art & Design classes and courses


  1. Wow! Your cake looks beautiful! Great job, Jill and it looks like it was so much fun.

  2. sounds so much fun and the cake is amazing

    1. thanks you it was one of the most amazing days I have had in a very long time


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