Friday, 21 February 2014

Ryvita Crackerbread Review

If you read my blog often ( thanks if you do lol) you will know I am trying to lose weight. I am always looking to find ways to make the food more interesting, either in the look or the taste or both. I am going to Slimming World slimming club and so far so good as I have lost 16 pounds.
I like to do what slimming world calls "Green days" so I can eat carbs. One thing I do miss is potato cakes or fish cakes with a breadcrumb coating. I could count bread but I find if I eat too much I feel rather bloated , so I try to stay away from it.

So this week I was asked to review the new Ryvita Crackerbread, and was excited to try them out.

I got the two flavour of Pepper and Cheese and my mind was off thinking of eating them or using them in other ways.
So I thought I would make my potato cakes using the cheese flavour ones.
 Off I went peeling my potatoes ! Not my favourite thing to do but it didn't take long.

I then got three Ryvita crackerbread to use. I worked out that by slimming world that they are 1 syn per bread. And only 19 calories so a much lighter in all ways than bread. I put them in a plastic bag and whacked them into crumbs.

Then I mixed up an egg in one bowl and the Ryvita  crackerbread crumbs in the other.

Then I mashed my potatoes and let them dry off a bit and cool . I then washed my hands and got some mash and formed it into little cakes.

I then dipped them into the egg and then into the Ryvita Crackerbread crumbs. One tip don't leave them in the egg too long or you will never pick them up. Then I sprayed my pan with a spray light oil, and put my cakes in to brown. They really don't take long as its just to brown them off.

Well they are so yummy! They were crisp and light and I can think of other versions such as spring onion or chili. If you are not so worried about calories or syns you could use more to get a deeper coating but I thought they were great.
So hope you try them out today and enjoy Ryvita crackerbread as much as me

Please note I was not paid for this review. Only receiving a sample of the product


  1. I need to try these new flavours of crackerbread, especially the black pepper. I love the idea of using them instead of breadcrumbs. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I was amazed Katherine that they were so nice to use like this. I am thinking of trying a plain one and mixing with sweetener and seeing if I can make a crumble type thing so watch this space


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