Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Life Story Bank

I often sit and cruise through the internet for something that gets my attention.I was doing just that the other day and came across Life story, and was hit with thinking what a great idea. In their words:

We set up this company after losing a close relative to cancer.

We missed them so very much and it was only when they had gone that we realised how little we had recorded about them. We had photos of them and a few pages of a diary but it is hard using these things to convey to grandchildren their warmth, their vitality and their love. We didn't have much recorded and what we did have didn't have this person as the subject of the video recording. Such a missed opportunity!

There was also a huge gap in our knowledge. Too young to ask the questions that would have been so helpful later in life.
This prompted us to figure out the best way to preserve more, to know more and have more to treasure.
 We started to conduct research which over the years has seen us talking with a wide range of people from vicars to mums, from psychologists to mediums. We've spoken with people who have lost someone and folk who deal with the bereaved and terminally ill. We have looked at studies in bereavement, interviews with terminally ill people and explored medical data.
Through a series of interview style questions we unearth memories, find out preferences, choices, advice and some great stories!
 By video recording the answers, the facial expressions, timbre of the voice and mannerisms are saved. Also the meaning is much clearer than when written - video is not as ambiguous as text.
Viewing afterwards is also easy and important not only for future generations but also for ourselves if we should ever be afflicted by Alzheimer's or dementia. What a wonderful legacy and resource.
Lifestorybank.com is unique. We use an avatar so that you can be interviewed and record anytime, anywhere so long as you have an internet connection. We offer a clear methodology and a well organised product. Easy to do and (also very important) easy to view!
The interview style process is gentle and private and easy to manage. Memories and thoughts that are video recorded are more powerful than when written or left orally.
 The new cloud technology allows this product to be stored at a reasonable price - effectively in a life memory deposit box ready to be opened and added to or stored for future generations.

Like many people I have lost dear people in my life and trying to remember them and who they were is so hard. I am nearly 56 so I am thinking that I would love my kids to have me to see and hear when I am no longer around. Plus I have all the family memories that I need to store and leave for them.
Its really easy to set up the account and you can go for the free one or up grade to the higher account.
They give you prompt questions if you need them which is great if you are wondering what to say.
I am loving the idea and I will let you know how I get on.
If you want to check it out go to


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