Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Magic Moments :06/05/14 Cat Love

Well its Monday again and Magic moments time. I am a bit late today as it is a public holiday in the UK. I have been having a lazy day,  and catching up on bits and bobs.
I have no idea what my magic moment was going to be. I hope you will forgive me when you as i am sure you will agree, these bank holidays make you all chilled lol.

So my magic moment today is a little bitter sweet. It is full of happy memories and smiles but sad also.
Those among us that have pets know how much a loved pet can bring to your life. As a child we always had a dog and one cat. I wasn't sure I would want pets as I knew I would love them so much, it would be such a responsibility. Well life had other ideas and Cagney, Cefer, Daisy and Mia arrived , although not all at the same time. Except for Mia, who I should say is my daughters cat , the others found me.
Sadly I couldn't find you a picture of Cagney but this is our today cat Daisy, who is fast asleep as I type.

She is very laid back and calm, but totally obsessed with food lol. The above picture shows her trying to get me out of bed !
My daughters cat is called Mia, and she had spent a lot of time with me. She is full of energy and loves to wake you up at dawn. She is very very clever and likes to play fetch with you, just like a dog lol.

I have to finish with the sad part ! The cat that left great big, huge paw prints on my heart was Cfer.
She arrived in my life just as my dad left, and I think she was sent to help me through that loss. She was such a lovely cat who would be waiting for you when you come home, ready for a cuddle . My husband worked away a lot so I was often at home alone, and she was my company. She would sleep with me at night , all cuddled up against me.
Then she got sick and sadly the vet told me it was cancer. I asked if she could be cured and no was the answer, I had to let her go.
The day she died broke my heart and I truly felt like I had lost a human member of the family. I was so sad when a friend said " its only a cat"! She couldn't be more wrong. It took me awhile to get over losing her, and now I can look at pictures and think of her without getting upset. I still miss her everyday and please please if you know someone who has lost a pet, be nice to them and be understanding.
I'm hoping I get to see my cfer again and shes up there with all my relatives having a great party.


  1. awww Jill i so know where this feelings come from my dog i was the same they really are like a member of the family :-)

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments .. sorry for the delay in getting round x

    1. Thank you Jaime they really are such a huge part of your life xx


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