Monday, 2 June 2014

Magic Moments in Norway

Today I am taking part in one of my favourite Link ups, that is Magic Moments which is over at The Oliver's Madhouse. I love this link up as it is so nice to sit on a Monday and think about a magic time you want to remember. The older I get ( and that seems to be fast these days) the more I seem to look back on those magic times.
This week my hub and myself have just returned from a cruise to Norway. We have never been on a cruise before , and we picked it because I have lots of mobility issues which make plane travel hard. I wanted to see Norway as I love that kind of scenery and landscape. I have been to Sweden and Denmark so Norway was the next on the list.
We left Southampton in bright sunshine and we were very happy to be getting a break from daily life.

The first two days I have to say were not magic lol. It was very foggy and nothing to see so we spent time around ship just relaxing and doing nothing really.
Our first port of call was a place called Alesund, on our way we passed the Island of Godya and Harfidlandet which was so beautiful. Once Oriana was secure in port , we were free to go ashore.
At first it was lovely and sunny but as often happens in Norway it quickly turned to rain. It was ok as it was still warm and not as cold as I thought it would be.  I was a little disappointed with Alesund as it was not as pretty as I expected, although it was in places.

We set sail again later that day in the Rain but the send off was fab. We all sat on the back decks and they played music and the tug boat had a fountain of water as we left the dock, great fun!
The next port of call was Tronheim which is another small place about a day sail from Alesund. Once again not much in the place and to reach shore you needed to board the tender boat. Being as I have issues with my walking, I thought it best not to attempt the tender and I let hub go ashore. I was very content to sit and read my book in the sun, and admire the view.

We then set off for the next place which was Leknes in the Lofoten Islands. This was 191 nautical miles from Tronheim and we had to also cross the Arctic circle, the temperature that evening was a chilly 7 degrees!
The place was beautiful with impressive mountains and fab scenery.

We had a day there and then set sail for the place that was the best for me. It took a whole day to sail there and we arrived around 6.30 am and yes I did get up on deck in time!!!!!! The place was called
Geiranger, which is entered by the stunningly fantastic Stornfjorden . I can't tell you how fantastic the place is. Huge mountains covered in snow, tumbling down to waterfalls and crystal clear water. Yes it was cold but hey the view made up for it big time.

I will always think of this place and how amazing it was, if you like taking pictures it would be your dream.
Later that day we set sail for our last port of call which was Bergan. The weather was great very warm and sunny. Bergan is reached by the Byfjorden with its stunning landscapes. Today I went ashore but it was very warm and sadly for us their were five cruise ships in that day. So it was like Central London in the school holidays and college and university holidays. In fact every holiday going lol. Lots of people and so so busy. After the peace of Geiranger it was a bit of a shock to the system. I have to say I did not last long the walking, heat and crowds had me back on ship fairly soon. My hubbie went back out but even he got beat by the crowds in the end. So we finished our day on the ship and had the best sail away ever.

I am worn out but we had some wonderful magic moments on the cruise. Norway is a such  beautiful place and I would love to go back and chill in one place one day!


  1. Sounds like an amazing trip. (would have loved your photos to be bigger!) #magicmoments

    1. Thanks Emma i have made them bigger but I think I will be printing some for my walls .

  2. It looks so beautiful jill! Sounds like you had a lovely time xxx

  3. It was em very pretty and clean air wonderful! Xxx

  4. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Loved seeing the pictures. xxx

    1. We did Carla it was very beautiful xxx

  5. It sounds like an amazing trip despite the weather.....
    Gorgeous photos x

    1. Thanks Kim the weather wasn't bad only one day of rain out of 14 rest where bright so very lucky

  6. Looks like an amazing adventure, and what beautiful scenery. #MagicMoments


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