Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Kitchen story

This week I was lucky to get to try out the new Fairy Platinum did washer tablets. These were great in my new dishwasher in my new kitchen!
My kitchen had been a sad area, unloved and messy I had to put yellow crime scene tape across the door if I had guests. I used to dread having any body to visit waiting for the time they said " let me put my cup out in the kitchen for you"!!!!!!! Noooooooooo I would die with embarrassment.

Then fate stepped in and my husband got a chance to join forces with a friend called Danny, and enter a major cooking show. The show was on Sky 1 and it was called My Kitchen Rules. Both My husband Kevin and Dan had no professional training, just a couple of blokes who liked to cook. They both worked together in the fire service so found out from spending time at work that they liked to cook.
It was a really tough show and he was away filming for what seemed an age. Even missing our first wedding anniversary apart in 34 yrs !
So the end of this tail and to bring it back to my poor old kitchen! Well Kevin and Dan Won! They were the first ever winners of the UK my kitchen rules and won £25,000 between them. And I knew just what wee project was waiting lol.

I thought the pictures would tell the story of my lovely new kitchen. Kevin is a fantastic cook and I am a great baker so we are putting it to full use. We have just got a new grandson and I am hoping he will come and cook with us in the future.
The fairy Platinum tablets are great they really leave the dishes clean, and with all the cooking that goes on they get a proper workout.
So now I ask people to take their cups out just so I can show off lol.

This post is my entry for the "My Kichen Story" Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Platinum


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