Thursday, 17 July 2014

I'm trying to be positive

So lets clear out a cupboard my hubbie said. Well more a case of him clearing the cupboard and me watching and tell him what goes where !  Someone has to be the supervisor.
So then hubbie pulls out some fabric and goes to throw it in the nearest black bag. Nooooooo I scream that's my wedding dress!! hubbie had found my 35 year old wedding dress and it nearly ended its life in a bin.
When I got it from him I unfolded it and sat to think about that wedding day long ago. As I opened it up I was amazed at how tiny it was. Surely I did not fit into that? I know I wasn't that small...... was I?
Then I am in tears and being stupid about my lost figure and how overweight I am now. I cry for the all the years that have passed, and cry because I wouldn't get one leg in it now lol. Its ok I picked myself up and remembered the day for what it was, special and happy. I may not be teeny tiny anymore but I am still around and still married to my sailor. Oh and he can't get in his wedding outfit either lol


  1. Aww You are still as beautiful as you were on your wedding day Jill! It was a wonderful day xxx

    1. Thanks em wish it was true lol good memories though xxx

  2. my lovely i cant fit in mine and i only got married 2 years ago! ... many relationships fail yours has not that in itself is an achievement .. anyone can lose weight .. not everyone is still married after such a long time (i am on my second and i am 34!) hugs lovely x


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