Friday, 11 July 2014

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is know for being very beautiful and it is somewhere I have wanted to visit for years. Its not far from where I live just the next door county of Kent. It was mine and hubs 35th wedding anniversary and my birthday this week, so I arranged to have a mini break to celebrate. So I booked two nights in a lovely little cottage in the grounds of Leeds Castle for us both.
So we arrived and the weather was wonderful and idea for seeing the castle. Lucky for me I had my new mobility scooter so I could enjoy getting around . As our cottage was not ready we had to spend time having lunch until it was.
There was an issue as they had double booked and so as a sorry they offered us a room in the  Maiden Tower which was five star with breakfast. They were so nice and I could not fault the service. The accommodation manager went the extra mile to help and he was lovely and friendly.

Leeds Castle is so full of history and also fab stories. I was blown away with who had been at the castle and also the Lady who had saved the castle and took care of it and its staff. I was more blown away by the staff. Everyone was so nice and polite and friendly, it sure makes you want to go back.
There is lots to do and see and a fab place to take younger ones because there is so much park land to explore and have an adventure.

I think you will agree Leeds Castle is a fantastic place. I really think it was wonderful value for money and throw in the beautiful grounds it would make a great day out. Lots for the kids as well and loads of space for them to run around.
They call it
“The Loveliest Castle in the World”


  1. How wonderful. This looks like an amazing place, and how lovely to get chance to stay there.


  2. Looks like a fabulous place to stay. Happy to hear you had the most wonderful time x

  3. I've often seen the signs and never visited, it looks well worth a look in though

  4. I love Leeds castle, it really is the nicest castle in the world. It was one of the last places I visited with my dad, when I was in hospital in Kent, before he died x

  5. Great to see all the photos. I loved reading your statuses on FB but to see all the photos is great. Glad you had such a fab anniversary x #magicmoments

  6. Jill this looks like such a beautiful place, we have family in Leeds so will have to visit when we are there next!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments (sorry for the delay in getting round to you) xx


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