Tuesday, 29 July 2014

TetleyGreen Tea with Real Fruit Review

I love my tea! Yes I have to state that fact I am a teapot. I can't start my day without at least two. So this week I got a chance to try out the new range of Green Teas with real fruit, from Tetley.
Green tea fans everywhere will love the addition of four delicious real fruit infusions to the delicious Tetley green tea range.

Perfect for a refreshing brew, Tetley's new flavour combinations bring together the mellow taste of green tea with a range of mouth- watering, fruity tasting notes. What's more you can put your mind at ease with the knowledge that the range contains real fruit.

Green tea, Mango and Passion fruit - a burst of deliciously tropical fruit flavours.
Green tea, and Mint- Two wonderfully clean and refreshing flavours brought together.
Green tea Peach and Apricot- the summery flavour of ripe peach smoothly blended with succulent apricot.
Green tea, Raspberry and Pomegranate- a mouth-watering fusion of crushed fruity flavours.
Britain loves a good cuppa and now ever- increasing numbers of us are drinking Green tea on a regular basis.
Green tea........ did you know?
1. Green tea comes from the same plant as all types of tea-camellia sinensis but green tea doesn't undergo a fermentation process like black and oolong teas, which are brewed after being steamed and dried.
2. The earliest reference to green tea dates back to the year 273777 BC
3.1,413,2 tonnes of green tea were sold in the uk in 2013, which is the equipment of 236 full grown male African elephants!
4.In 2013 green tea was consumed on 651,198,000 occasions in the UK
5.Tetley green tea is actually as hydrating as water, making it a delicious, yet healthy drink to keep your water levels topped up throughout the day.
6. Green tea contains less caffeine than black tea.

I thought they were lovely and really nice change from milk. I also tried making them up and letting them go cold with a little ice and added mint or lemon they were lovely in the warm weather we are having. I think my favourite was the mango and Passion fruit, yummy and fruity. I am a fan and will be carry on drinking them for sure.

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